These Horror Movie-Inspired Lipsticks Slay So Hard

Halloween-inspired makeup doesn't need to revolve around a costume you wear for one day. In fact, this new line of lipsticks takes inspo from the villains of vintage horror films, and they are anything but temporary. LA Splash Cosmetics Classic Horror matte liquid lipsticks arrive in October, according to posts on the brand's official Instagram. While the exact drop date is TBD, October is right around the corner. So it's safe to say these shades are on their way.

The LA Splash Halloween lippies come in eight shades, ranging from red to pink to deep purple to lavender to beige to nude to green to grey.

It's the tubes that are straight fire, though. The collectible (and adorable) caps feature graphic illustrations of enduring and iconic villains like Dracula, Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, and even the Creature from the Black Lagoon. The villains that inspired the collection are gloriously old school.

The lippies will outlast your Halloween costume in multiple ways. First, the long-wear formula won't budge, no matter how many bite-sized Snickers you pop in your mouth while trick or treating. Second, the colors are universal and totally wearable. You'll be swiping them across your pout long after you've stored your spider, skull, and skeleton decor. You could wear any of these shades deep into winter despite the Halloween motif.

There are no modern slasher villains, like Nightmare on Elm Street's cackling creep Freddy Krueger or the Ghostface from the Scream movies, in this collection. However, since the horror genre often spawns franchises with several sequels, perhaps that trajectory will apply to the LA Splash horror-themed mattes? Maybe the brand will do future seasons of these liquid lippies, featuring a bunch of more recent baddies, like the Blair Witch or the new Pennywise from It, who is inspiring some of the most jaw-dropping nail art on Instagram lately.

That's a slaytastic idea, right?

These lip swatches demonstrate the depth of the pigments and the richness of the matte texture. Creature is a super bold violet, while the wine-like Drac is a vampy as it gets. Frankie is a classic, screen siren red that harks back to Old Hollywood and adheres to the overall spirit of this collection.

The name of the milk chocolate shade in the lower right corner isn't listed but who cares? It's a badass brown.

Are you shook yet? The soft green and grey lippies are totally on trend for 2017. The hues, combined with the aforementioned caps and the "Classic Horror" font stamped on the tubes, mean these are the coolest lippies residing in your makeup bag

You can further appreciate these shades as lip swatches. Ms. Invisible is a special occasion green that is certainly best reserved for costume wear or a night out, while Phantom is the type of violet that can take you from day to evening. Mummy is a wearable "griege" appropriate for any situation, while Werewolf works for your Halloween costume and beyond.

Courtesy of LA Splash

In case you are not intimately acquainted with LA Splash, the brand recently released a Karina Smirnoff capsule collection, featuring lipstick, liner, and mascara. The sleek and chic red packaging is to die for.

LA Splash Cosmetics has been around since 1996 and is cruelty-free, so if you have animal sympathies, you can feel as good as you look when swiping your pout with any of these shades. If the limited edition Classic Horror mattes serve as your introduction to the brand, which was actually the case for me, the range is awesome enough to earn LA Splash an Insta follow.

The Classic Horror lippies are coming for your lips this Halloween and beyond!