Here's When Arie's 'Bachelor' Season Will Begin

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Since The Bachelorette wrapped up earlier this summer, there's been a debate about who the next leading man could be, and now, we finally know for sure. It's official: Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the next Bachelor, which means plenty of footage of his sweet smile is in our future. But now that one big question has finally been answered, it's time for the next one: When will Arie's Bachelor season premiere? If ABC continues following tradition, his journey to find true love will begin fairly soon.

Since The Bachelor franchise is very much a creature of habit, there's a certain pattern that's always followed: The Bachelor in the winter (plus this year's brand new Bachelor Winter Games), followed by The Bachelorette in the spring and Bachelor in Paradise in summer. It's already been announced that Winter Games will air at the same time as The Bachelor. Chances are good that The Bachelor will kick off soon after New Year's Day, which means a mere four months stand between us and Arie's likely January debut. That's so soon. The typical pattern is the first Monday of January, which would put the premiere on January 1. Now, it may get pushed because of the holiday, we'll see. But it will most likely start in those first couple of weeks.

Plus, with all of the exciting things happening between then and now — the holiday season, fall TV premieres, and, of course, pumpkin spice lattes making their first appearance — the time is sure to fly by. 

It's been a long time since viewers have seen Arie on their screens, but he'll likely fall back into televised love finding in no time — especially since he has pretty much no time to do it. Filming for the show typically begins in the fall, which is really soon. What's even crazier? By Thanksgiving, he could possibly be engaged to someone he hasn't even met yet, although it'll be months later when we find out who the lucky lady is.

The countdown is officially on. Fans will get to see Arie handing out roses when January finally rolls around and get to meet his potential future fiancées. After knowing him from The Bachelorette, a guy as sweet as he is deserves the world and an awesome partner to share it with.