When Does 'Dance Moms' Come Back? The Season 7B Drama Is Already Underway


Throughout Dance Moms Season 7, there have been plenty of hints that the show may be coming to an end. The moms have had it (even more so than usual), the junior elite team has been upstaged by the minis, and the revolving door of dancers has made it hard to keep track of who I'm rooting for. With all this in mind, will Dance Moms return for Season 8? UPDATE: A Lifetime press release announced that Dance Moms will return on August 1.

EARLIER: Although it was speculated that the Feb. 21 episode of Dance Moms would be its last, the series will return — but the next installment will be referred to as Season 7B rather than 8. After the 7A finale airs on Feb. 21, there will be a brief hiatus. Although the 7B premiere date hasn't been confirmed, production is already underway and the season's first competition was held in Anaheim earlier this month.

The most exciting thing about Season 7B is that it looks like viewers may get to see Chloe compete — for Abby's nemesis, Erin Babbs, owner of Murrieta Dance Project. A recent photo posted by Christi Lukasiak on Instagram shows Chloe wearing an MDP jacket. The caption reads: "Never say never...#DanceMomsOG" and cameramen can be seen in the background.

Because the filming of Season 7B has already commenced, it doesn't seem like viewers will have to wait too long for the series return. And, it seems like the current junior elite team will remain intact for 7B. Last week, Abby posted a photo of the team wearing their jackets — so it's safe to assume Nia, Kendall, Kalani, Brynn, and Camryn will participate in the season.

Even as a Dance Moms devotee, I haven't been feeling the last season — I don't hate the mama drama, but I'd love to see more focus on dancing (especially when I can barely keep all these new moms straight). Cathy has also resurfaced for 7A's final episodes and we know how much she gets under Abby's skin whenever the studios go up against each other. And, if Chloe indeed competes for MDP, that'll definitely amp up the Abby drama in record time. But, either way, the return of Chloe and Candy Apples hopefully means the show will focus more on rehearsals and routines and less on the squabbles between the minis' moms.

It'll probably be awhile before Season 8 news is available, but at least we're not saying goodbye to Dance Moms forever on Feb. 21.