Kylie Jenner's Newest Collection Is An Ode To Turning 21 — With Lots Of Alcohol

In case you hadn't heard, the youngest of the Kardashian Jenner clan is about to be legal drinking age. That's right. Kylie Jenner is turning 21, and in true Jenner fashion, she's launching a Kylie Cosmetics' 21st Birthday Collection. After all, this big day is basically known as everyone's blowout party birthday. Jenner just so happens to be celebrating with makeup (and maybe just a little booze if her packaging is to be believed). Can you get these goods before her big day, though?

Apparently, Kylie Jenner is a generous (or maybe Jennerous) mogul. She's not making her fans wait until the day of her birth (Aug. 10) to snag her latest collection. She's giving it to them just in time to celebrate. According to Jenner and the brand's social media pages, the collection is set to launch on Aug. 6 at the Kylie Cosmetics website. If, however, you happen to live or be in the Los Angeles area, you can snag it right now at the Kylie Pop-Up Shop. Not everyone, however, is so lucky.

If you want to shop Jenner's boozy birthday themed goodies, mark your calendar for Aug. 6, but what can you get in the collection? It's full of new products for the brand.

While the 21st Birthday Collection from Kylie Cosmetics does feature some old staples (like three new lip kits), there's also a brand new formula of Jenner's liquid eyeshadows, a whopping six new shades of the matte bullet lipsticks, and a brand-new single pan highlighter.

If you're a fan of Kylie Cosmetics, you may have realized that birthday collections are kind of a big deal, and Jenner explained why on her Instagram story before debuting the new products. Jenner says that this birthday collection is her most personal yet, and that birthday collection are truly important to her. Maybe that's why this is her third annual collection, and honestly, they just seem to be getting better.

In fact, it seems as though Jenner truly put herself into this collection (and not just because her face is all over the packaging). When she debuted her summer collection back in July, she revealed that she almost didn't release anything for the warmer months due to her work on the 21st Birthday Collection. Ultimately, however, Jenner did release the banana themed collection, and come Aug. 6, fans will be able to shop both the summer goodies and the Birthday Collection items.

What about pricing? As of press time, no prices have been released for the Kylie Cosmetics 21st Birthday Collection. However, with multiple collections under her belt, tracking down potential costs shouldn't be that difficult. It seems unlikely that the brand would change their pricing model just for this collection.

If you can't wait to get your hands on this boozy-themed, party-ready Kylie Cosmetics 21st Birthday Collection, you don't have long to wait. Maybe the best news about the collection is that you'll be able to shop it just in time for the mogul's big day. What better way to celebrate with Jenner than shopping?