Here's When MAC x Laura Lee Comes Out

It looks like the year of the beauty blogger collaboration is moving from 2016 and into 2017. I, for one, couldn't be happier. Considering that one of the latest to be announced is a MAC Cosmetics x Laura Lee collaboration, this year may end up rivaling 2016 as the best year for beauty collaborations and the continuing rise of the beauty blogger. To get adequately excited you may need a few more details on the MAC x Laura Lee collaboration, and while the brand and the blogger are keeping a few things close to the chest, some details have definitely emerged.

If you're a huge fan of MAC, a huge fan of Laura Lee, or a fanatic for both, you may already be all in on this new product. What is it, though? According to Laura Lee's Instagram account, the collab is a lipstick. If you want to snag it, though, it'll be a bit of a wait. The shade isn't set to release until April. To tide you over, though, there is a bit more news to go along with the collaboration.

It's not simply a collaboration between Laura Lee and MAC Cosmetics. According to a press release from MAC, the brand teamed up with ten beauty bloggers all over the world to create ten, newly created shades. If you've got more beauty blogger faves, they may just be on the list.

As for Laura Lee's lipstick, though, it's still a bit of a mystery. Before posting an image of herself in the MAC lab, the YouTube star posted a mysterious image of some gorgeous looking red pigment making many wonder if that was her new shade.

According to her Snapchat, however, the red isn't her color. That doesn't mean she may not have given fans a little sneak peek, though. During her MAC Snapchat saga, fans can see a beaker filled with what looks like a nude pink — a shade Laura Lee is spotted in quite a bit.

Laura Lee/Snapchat

While the color could just be a base that Laura Lee is beginning with, it certainly looks like a shade she'd rock.

It's looks like fans will be waiting a bit to find out what the shade actually is. However, at least we all know that come April, we can get our hands on a MAC x Laura Lee lipstick. Spring can't get here fast enough.