Laura Lee's Eye Palette Restock Is Selling Fast

Think back real hard to earlier this year. I know it's hard, but it's for a good reason. Remember when the Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette came out, and they assured us that it wouldn't be restocked again. Well, they lied, but I'm so glad they did. The shadows are back for the second time, and they're selling just as fast. Is the Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette restock sold out, you ask? The palette won't be around for long, so here are all the details.

Personally, I love when YouTubers come out with different products. Apparently so do a lot of other subscribers, because when the Violet Voss x Laura Lee Palette came out, it sold out fast. The company and the vlogger kept saying that it would not be restocked, but now suddenly it has been. You can pre-order the palette right now on the Violet Voss website.

As of Dec. 20 at 1:10pm EST, the palette is still available to order. Just because it's a pre-sale doesn't mean that it won't sell out though. I'd head over to the site as soon as possibly to make sure you're one of the lucky ones. All signs point to this being the last restock that the company will put together.

Pre-Order Laura Lee Palette, $45,

There's a few other things that you should know before you buy though. Because this is a pre-order, they won't ship out right away. According to the site, this the set ship day is Dec. 27. That means you won't be able to have it under the tree this holiday. The site also says that it's subject to delays, so there's no exact date to expect the palette.

Now for the positive news. These 20 eyeshadows are absolutely gorgeous. With shades ranging form neutrals to pops of color, this palette does it all. Plus they're all vegan and cruelty free, so they're great for everyone. Each shade is also infused with jojoba oil, according to the site.

Pre-Order Laura Lee Palette, $45,

How stunning are those! Honestly, regardless of the shipping date, you can't go wrong with this buy.

Images: Violet Voss (2), larlarlee/Instagram (1)