You Can Already Apply To Show Off Your Lack Of Baking Skills On The Next Season Of 'Nailed It'

Nailed It! contestants

Nailed It! is back with more charmingly bad bakers trying their best to recreate elaborate desserts and ultimately failing in the funniest ways. But after fans blow through the new season (eight 30-minute episodes are easy to watch in a day), they'll want to know if Nailed It! will return for Season 5. The short answer is yes, and it's not too late to apply to be on the next season yourself.

Before Nailed It! Season 5, the next installment of the series we'll likely see is a third season of Nailed It! Holiday. The two previous iterations filled with seasonal baking challenges aired in December 2018 and November 2019. Based on that pattern, another six or seven episodes of Nailed It! will likely hit Netflix in about seven or eight months in November or December 2020.

The show is already casting now for its next season, be it Holiday or regular. Interested applicants can go to this website to fill out the form. There are several questions that prospective contestants have to fill out, including information about their cooking and baking skill level, how their friends would rate their baking, why they want to get better at baking, what their favorite holiday to cook for is, and if there's anything they're actually good at baking. The premise of Nailed It! is that amateur bakers are trying to replicate really complex cakes, cake pops, cupcakes, and more, and it's funnier when the contestants try really hard but are really bad.


In addition to filling out the written questionnaire, applicants must upload several videos of them baking and decorating an item and explaining why they'd be a good fit for the show. They must also upload photos of their past baking fails or successes. Currently, the application says that filming for the next batch of Nailed It! episodes is scheduled to take place between May 1 and July 31, 2020. However, with the coronavirus pandemic interrupting production on many shows, those dates may be pushed. That could possibly result in there not being a Nailed It! holiday edition this year or a delayed Season 5.

If such a delay does happen, there's plenty of other charming cooking content on Netflix to tide us all over, including several international seasons of Nailed It!. The series has versions that take place in Mexico, Spain, Germany, and France, and they're all available to stream now on Netflix. Thanks to the streaming site's various audio and subtitle options, English-speaking viewers can watch all the international versions with dubbing or English subtitles. That gives fans 24 additional episodes of ridiculous baking fails to watch.


It's not known yet whether coronavirus will affect the next season's filming schedule, but the good news is that if Nailed It! is already casting for future episodes, a renewal is all but a shoo-in for this hilarious series. It's only a matter of when, not if.

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