When Is Saturn Retrograde 2017?

Another month, another planet going retrograde. In April 2017, there are actually a few entering and remaining retrograde — Venus began its retrograde in March and will maintain it until Apr. 15, while Mercury and Saturn are both entering it at the start of the month. Though most of us likely know the effects of Mercury retrograde and have the dates marked down on every calendar you own — but do you do the same for Saturn retrograde? It's arguably just as important, so it's worth tracking: when is Saturn Retrograde 2017?

Well, Saturn's Retrograde officially starts on Apr. 6, 2017 and ends on Aug. 25, 2017. Saturn has actually already entered the retrograde zone with a pre-shadow phase beginning on Mar. 27 — but it officially goes retrograde on Apr. 6, when Saturn and Earth are parallel to each other.

Since it’s on a smaller orbit, Earth will pass Saturn, so from Earth (if you find yourself looking at Saturn, I guess), it may appear that Saturn is somehow moving backwards. But it isn’t. Just going slower. It takes Saturn 11,000 “Earth” days to go around the sun, while it only takes Earth 365 days. The dates of the retrograde change every year, since Saturn is constantly moving.

Now, here’s where it all gets interesting. Tons of astrologists have theories on Saturn's retrograde, since Saturn is the planet known for karma. Now since the placement of planets within the orbit have to do with different astrological signs, in Apr. 2017 Saturn and Venus will be squared, which means things can get rather complicated. Not only is Saturn the Lord of Karma, but it means that the lessons to be learned within Saturn Retrograde will have to do with love and money due to the positioning with Venus. This could mean negative stress and feelings on intimate relationships.

Nevertheless, this is only skimming the surface of all the theories around the Saturn Retrograde. Get an in-depth description of what could happen to you during these next few months at