When Does 'Shadowhunters' Comes Back? Season 2 Has Many Questions Left To Answer

John Medland/Freeform

When Shadowhunters returned for its second season, the news of an upcoming "winter finale" horrified fans hoping to spend much more time with the Downworlders, since 10 episodes aren't nearly enough. But like many shows with super-long seasons, Shadowhunters is splitting its season right down the middle, with a hiatus between the first and final 10 episodes. Even though we know it's coming back, fans need to know when Shadowhunters Season 2 will return from its winter hiatus so we can prepare accordingly. Unfortunately, Freeform has not announced a return date yet, nor has it hinted, suggested, or given even a single clue about the date.

Some Mortal Instruments fans believe that an announcement is coming on March 6, the date of the winter finale, though that hasn't been confirmed and the network could announce it at a later time. But based on what the cast has been posting, they're already working on the beginning of Season 2, which is a good sign. And most other Freeform series that take midseason breaks, like Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters, go on hiatus for about three to five months. If Shadowhunters follows their lead, it should be back sometime this summer.

Though it seems like a long time to wait, Season 2A is telling a complete story, so when it comes to an end during the winter finale, there should be some closure. However, while Shadowhunters should reveal the answers to a lot of hanging questions, there are a few things that fans will likely be left wondering about even after the winter finale airs.

How Will Clary React Once She Recovers?

There's no way Shadowhunters will let its protagonist die, but once Clary recovers from the effects of the blood oath, how will she feel about sacrificing herself for the rest of the Downworlders? It was noble, but will she be angry, or changed in any way? This could be the start of an edgier and less reactive Clary.

Can Magnus & Alec Last?


Ever since they became #Malec, they've been totally without flaw or complication, once that declaration of love put a stop to Alec's poorly conceived wedding. Since this is a drama, I sense that there may be a big complication ahead in their relationship.

Is Madzie Good Or Evil?

A child warlock with unspeakable power... right now, it seems pretty lucky that she's on the side of the good guys, thanks to Magnus' actions in the above selection from the winter finale. But that could definitely change as the season continues.

Can Clary Ever Forgive Maia?

Maia is ruled by loyalty and practicality, not emotion, so she was willing to kill Clary if need be. But she's such a cool character, and a fierce protector of her fellow werewolves. She could eventually be a valuable ally for the Shadowhunters, but it will require forming a better relationship with Clary.

Is Climon Endgame?


The 'ships on this show! After a season of Clary and Jace circling one another, now, it's all about Clary and Simon. They were friends for years, and now they're in love. Will they be able to make it last, or are more complications heading their way too?

Will Valentine Get Clary?

It was foreshadowed heavily in "Bound By Blood," with Clary telling the rest of the group that if Valentine ever gains control of her, they should stop him at any cost. This might happen in the winter finale, and if so, how will her fellow Shadowhunters react? Again, Clary's death feels hard to imagine, but she could turn fully evil, or possibly, her fate could be a cliffhanger.

There are many possibilities for the Shadowhunters Season 2 winter finale. And while the wait for the second half of the season might be long, these questions should keep you hooked until the summer and, if need be, beyond.