Kim K's Body Fragrance Is Already Breaking The Internet

KKW Fragrance

Unless you've been able to successfully avoid all Kardashian related news (and if so, kudos because that's not easy), you've probably heard that Kim Kardashian is expanding her burgeoning beauty empire via perfumes, and the latest fragrance, KKW Body, is well on its way to global internet shelves. But when does the scent come out? Set your alarms if you want to get your hands on this upcoming Kardashian perfume because you're officially in the hourly countdown until launch.

What's the big deal about the KKW Body fragrance, and why is everyone talking about it? Well, the name kind of says it all. This fragrance is different for the perfume brand because of its packaging. The bottle is quite accurately shaped like Kardashian's body. It's not just a vague replica for kicks and giggles. Oh no, Kardashian went all the way with this new scent.

In an Instagram post, the reality television star and KKW Beauty founder revealed that she had a mold taken of her body to create an anatomically correct shape. Yes, the KKW Body fragrance is, in fact, the shape of KKW's body in all of its glory. Honestly, it's basically a collector's edition item if you're a huge fan. So, when can you purchase it? Good news, fans. You're officially in the final hours until release. The KKW Body fragrance launches at noon PST/3pm ET today, Apr. 30.

As for the price, while there's been no word of the KKW Fragrance social media, if you head to the brand's website, you'll find that the bottle holds 100 mL of fragrance and will retail for only $60. Despite the ultra-cool bottle (plus the obvious amount of time and effort it took to create) and major internet hype, the scent is actually more affordable than her original Crystal Gardenia scent. While you may be saying that's not true as they both retail for $60, just look at the sizes. With KKw Body, you're getting 100 mL as opposed to Crystal Gardenia's 75 mL.

If you're curious about the scent, it basically smells like sex. No, really. The brand's website describes the perfume as a "narcotic elixir" if that tells you anything about the power of this fragrance. The details of KKW Body's notes feature several ingredients commonly cited as aphrodisiacs such as ylang ylang and sandalwood and then pairs them with deeper scents like musk and amber. Sounds totally sexy, right? It is in the shape of Kardashian's famous figure so that's kind of apropos.

While the scent itself is notable for it's sexiness, it's the bottle that has the internet going wild. From those comparing it to similarly shaped packaging such as Jean Paul Gaultier's famous scents to those totally in love with the idea, people had feelings about KKW Body.

Fans of Kardashian are probably not shocked by its signature shape, though. Kardashian has basically become known for showcasing her body on social media. From her infamous nude bathroom selfie to her internet breaking Paper Magazine cover, she's let people know that she's not ashamed of her body and that she's totally free to showcase it however she damn well pleases. This is the same woman who accepted an award with the catchphrase, "Nude selfies til I die."

If you're a fan or just kind of in love with the idea of KKW Body, stay close to your computer today. KKW fragrances have a tendency to sell out, and you'll definitely want to add this unique bottle to your vanity. With an actually do-able price point and major internet hype, KKW Body could just be Kardashian's biggest hit yet.