ABH's Liquid Glow Highlighter Looks Epic

Glow is everywhere right now, from Kylie Jenner's Vacation 2017 products like The Wet Set and Ultra Glows to the new Netflix series based on the ‘80s all-female wrestling league, which I used to watch religiously. Now, Anastasia Beverly Hills is launching a Liquid Glow highlighter. Based on the short but incredibly effective Instagram tease, this liquid illuminator looks pretty epic. When is this gorgeous glow-getter coming out?

Soon, beautyistas, soon! The exact date is TBD. Come on — you didn't think the brand was going to give it all away in the first post, now did ya?!

ABH posted a clip of a well-manicured hand drenched in multiple shades of a liquid highlighter. One looks like a creamy white gold hue. The other is bronzier.

The tube also flashes on screen, as well, so you get a quick look at the packaging. Blink and you'll miss it, though.

ABH simply posted "Coming Soon" in the caption and of course the Internet and its loyalists went nuts over this new product. Others questioned the Illuminati symbolism used in this illuminator-focused clip.

Highlighters have been owning it for the past year and change, with Jaclyn Hill and BECCA pretty much reminding the world that a dewy sheen on cheeks, the Cupid's Bow, or the inner corners of the eyes is always a "do."

Obviously, this is a dramatic introduction to the product, showing off its texture and its hues. You won't be using this much IRL. But look at the pigmentation. It magnetically draws the eye to it. I am left wondering if it can be mixed with a plain ol' moisturizer for additional sheen on the arms, shoulders, and legs.

ABH fans are already pledging their devotion and financial commitment to purchasing this product, which looks like molten, melted gold.

ABH loyalists are already here for the faux glow. As of press time, the clip had over 520,000 views. So the excitement for this new liquid makeup dream is palpable.