When Is Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen Available? The Latest Innovation Will Be Here Soon

The latest Glossier innovation is set to make its grand debut. Glossier is launching its Invisible Shield sunscreen. Of course it's the minimalist, Internet-adored brand's take on the essential product that protects your skin from the oft-damaging rays of the sun. Glossier hinted that sunscreen was in its future earlier this year, noting that it is the most requested product among the ardent Glossier faithful.

Lately, Glossier has been teasing its sunscreen, via social media and beyond, as anything but heavy, pore-clogging, drying, chalky, weird-smelling, sticky, and makeup-interrupting. Can I add "hard to blend and absorb" to the description, since that has been my personal issue with sunscreen?

So, when is Glossier's Invisible Shield sunscreen product available to buy?

Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen, $34, Glossier

It's dropping this week, per the Into the Gloss post penned by brand founder Emily Weiss in which she reveals how she learned to love sunscreen and to incorporate it into her routine. So that's one of the three remaining days! Be patient — because Glossier has always proven worth the wait.

In the post, which is part of the site's Sun Week, Weiss twice confirmed that fans will be able to meet Invisible Shield later this week.

The brand spent two years researching and developing the sunscreen, which Weiss deems life insurance for your face and the ultimate in beauty routine adulting. #Agree

Of course this is how Glossier would "do" sunscreen.

Weiss even admitted in her post that she is a relatively recent sunscreen convert and she wants Invisible Shield to be the product that even sunscreen haters love.

Weiss said the packaging of Invisible Shield would be sexy. Could this be it? The Insta post doesn't indicate what this is! But I am guessing it may be the Invisible Shield packaging.

Glossier's repertoire of products continues to expand in the best way.

Glossier Lip Gloss, $14, Glossier

The brand's slick and shiny Lip Gloss never, ever leaves my makeup bag.

Glossier Cloud Paint, $18, Glossier

The Cloud Paints are pretty epic, too! Bring on the sunscreen, Glossier.