Fans Already Are So Eager For ‘Supermarket Sweep’ To Return

by Kristie Rohwedder

Lace up your grocery shoppin' shoes, game show fans. On Friday, FremantleMedia announced that they've acquired the rights to Supermarket Sweep and plan to bring the beloved series back to the small screen. So, when does Supermarket Sweep come back? Though the series doesn't have a premiere date or a channel at the moment, it does sound like FremantleMedia wants to get those cart wheels spinning relatively soon. According to E!, the revival has yet to be put in a network's shopping basket, but the company does plan "to shop the series around at MIPCOM 2017" next week. Keep on crossing those Butterball turkey-grabbing fingers. (Ew, why does that sound so wrong? Sorry about that.)

So far, the new version of Supermarket Sweep sounds so beepin' good. Please let your eyes feast upon this excerpt from Fremantle's statement:

"Players must answer pop culture questions and solve puzzles based on the products and merchandise found in the supermarkets around the world. With shelves stacked with excitement, jam-packed with jeopardy and loaded with laughter, contestants go wild in the aisles as they must shop smarter and faster than their rivals."

"Shelves stacked with excitement, jam-packed with jeopardy and loaded with laughter," you say? "Go wild in the aisles," you say? An emphatic "yes" to all of the above.

Fremantle EVP of Global Acquisitions and Development Vasha Wallace added,

"The time is ripe to bring back this all-time favorite game show which has traveled with such success over the years. Now, modern technology allows us the opportunity to update the show, making it relevant for a 21st century audience. It is a great addition to this year's MIPCOM slate and given the interest we've had already we're confident that everyone will be as excited for its return as we are."

This would technically be the fourth iteration of the U.S. version: Supermarket Sweep originally ran from 1965 through 1967, was revived in the '90s, and then got another reboot in the '00s. Oh, and it's getting another reboot now. And naturally, fans are beyond stoked about this. Stoked, ready to fill out the application, and eager to scamper through a grocery store and try to rack up the steepest bill.

The News Seems Too Good To Be True

But it's true, Sweep heads. It's so very true.

So Go Ahead & Let The Elaine Dance Moves Fly

Couldn't feel more right.

Yes, The Moment Many Fans Have Been Waiting For Is Finally Here

That GIF is all of us. Every last one of us.

Is The Show Ready For An Avalanche Of Applications?

Because the show's about to be hit with an avalanche of applications.

As Kelly Clarkson Once Sang...

... "Some people wait a lifetime for a Supermarket Sweet moment like this."

Make Those Dreams Come True, Supermarket Sweep

The fans are clamoring to pile those carts high!

All Of That Training Will Finally Pay Off

Let your grocery shopping skills shine like a cart overflowing with wrapped turkeys.

Now's The Time To Really Sharpen Your Cart Loading Technique

Supermarket Sweep is essentially the Olympics for grocery shopping.

Warm Up Those Vocal Chords

Because if Supermarket Sweep finds a network (and why wouldn't it?), there will be even more shouting to do.

Happy Friday 13th To Us All

How lucky, indeed.

Next Time You're At The Checkout & You Hear The Beep...


*Beep Beep*

And with that, here's a very special song from the U.K. version of Supermarket Sweep:

Think you couldn't possibly be more psyched for the Supermarket Sweep reboot? Listen to this fantastic earworm of a jam on repeat. Beep, beep.