'The Greatest Dancer' Starts So Soon & Saturday Nights Are About To Be Boogie Nights

by Aoife Hanna
BBC/Syco/Thames/Tom Dymond

How's your wall twerk? Can you dance the merengue? Does your hip hop make make the room stop? Well maybe you are the greatest dancer. Might be worth checking out the competition though am I right? OK, so let's try figure out when The Greatest Dancer is on TV because IMO you can never have too many TV shows that make you cry every two minutes.

Urgh, you stop crying! Yes, the kind of show that is often accompanied by a takeaway and lashings of white wine, The Greatest Dancer looks like it is going to be lit. But like seriously, we have been hearing about this show for actual months. We were reporting on it in flipping July y'all. So when is it on?! Saturday, Jan. 5 is the big day guys. Hell yes. I mean I know it is hard to have a night in with the telly during those miserable January months — just kidding, this is perfect timing for a new home activity! It will run for eight weeks and is absolutely everything you will need to get the motivation to throw some pretty funky shapes on your nearest dance floor ASAP. Because babes, you already know who the greatest dancer is.

Right, so I don't know about you but I need to know absolutely every last thing about this show right now. So the show is brought to you by Syco, Simon Cowell's production company. You might remember them from the likes of The X Factor, Pop Idol, and Britain's Got Talent. Basically Cowell knows how to make a reality show with heart-wrenching moments like absolutely no other.

This particular show isn't about singing, or just like general all round talent, it is about the art of dance in all of its forms. Ugh even typing that makes me want to get my groove on. From tap, to jazz, to hip hop, to ballroom—all are welcome to take part in this particular competition. Soloists, pairs, or individuals of all ages, shapes, and sizes are going to be getting down for your viewing pleasure.

So will Mr Cowell be doing his best resting B-face? Well, this time round it's a no from him. He is leaving the job to some more experienced judges. Cheryl Tweedy, who learned to krump in Compton, as well as being an uber successful singing dancing pop star in a band, and on her own, as well as being experienced as a talent judge — is almost over-qualified for the job.

Matthew Morrison, who you might recognise best as the cute teacher on Glee, has a laundry list of musical theatre credits, boogying his way across Broadway in shows like Footloose and Hairspray. An alum of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, he will be right on noticing feet that aren't pointed enough (or whatever).

And last but absolutely not least is professional ballroom dancer Oti Mabuse. You probably recognise an expert dancer from Strictly Come Dancing and her incredible command of the ballroom style of dancing means she will definitely be aware of the dos and do nots of the more structured dance forms.

OK so how does the show work though? So basically the contestants are dancing in a studio in front of a mirror. You know, like dancers do. Anyhow after lots of rigorous moves, if the judges think they are the bees knees, the mirror opens right up and they are suddenly on stage in front of the braying masses.

Yep, I'm already hooked too.

Watch The Greatest Dancer Jan. 5 on BBC1