IMO, Urban Decay's New Palette Is The Best Naked Addition Since The Discontinued OG

Urban Decay

Urban Decay's Naked palettes are truly the stuff of beauty legends. From their discontinued OG palette which sparked the range's popularity, to the matte additions and fun spin-offs, UD Naked has a longstanding place in the eyeshadow hall of fame. So when I heard that a brand new Naked addition was on its way soon, I was pretty over the moon. And when I saw what it looked like, I pretty much exploded with adoration. Seriously; just look at this beaut. But when is the Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette out in the UK? Here's what you need to know about the sure-to-sellout newbie.

The Urban Decay Naked Honey palette is undeniably stunning, and in my opinion, is the closest thing to the original palette that sold an incredible 30 million units in its eight years on sale. While the shades are much more focused on golds and ambers, it has that same magical quality that only the OG seemed to boast.

The new shades are golden-based, featuring shimmering metallics, warm ambers and rich browns, all of which are perfect for creating a retro disco feel. The eyeshadows are of course just as high quality as the palettes' predecessors in that they are ultra buttery soft, blendable and long-lasting.

Urban Decay themselves are yet to showcase the palette on their own Instagram account, but have allowed singer Lizzo, who is the face of campaign and works with UD, to do the honours. She gave fans a sneak peak on her Instagram stories, showing the palette itself and a dreamy look that makeup artist Alexx Mayo had created on her lids. "Look at this f*cking thing," Lizzo said as she spoke directly to the camera. "Brand new, hot off the press. It looks like f*cking Beyoncé in Goldmember."

If you're practically salivating at the thought of getting your hands on this totally amazing-looking palette, the bad news is that you won't be able to pick it up this month. However, September is just around the corner, and on the 13th, you'll be able to order away at The palette will be priced at £42, which considering you get 12 epic shades, doesn't seem too unreasonable.

Urban Decay

The original Naked palette launched in 2010, and quickly became the go-to palette of the decade. To fans' dismay, however, in 2018 the brand decided to discontinue their bestseller in a brave yet controversial move. They quite literally put the classic to rest, announcing a tongue in cheek funeral would be held in its name.

"Today, the beauty world mourns Urban Decay’s beloved Naked Palette, the product that revolutionized neutral eyeshadows," a statement from Urban Decay read.

"A little bit naughty, often dramatic, and always in the press, the innovative game-changer and category creator will be laid to rest after eight years, without a smudge of regret. Passionate Naked collectors — and pretty much anyone with eyes — will remember Naked as the beauty product that changed their lids forever. It was beautiful and mythical and millions of superfans, from misfits to moms to models, will miss Naked from Virgin to Gunmetal."

To this day, it was a sad time for UD fans. But never fear, Naked Honey is on its way reaaaal soon!