Wet N Wild's New Midnight Mermaid Collection Might Dethrone The Unicorn Trend

Unicorns have risen to the top tier of 2017's makeup trends. The mythical, horned beasts are so pretty and the glittery, and the fantastical cosmetics they inspire are much the same. But Wet N Wild's Midnight Mermaid Collection is coming this fall to take on this trend. It's a unique, unexpected twist on the light, airy, and often-pastel mermaid trend. The drugstore brand's new take on the mermaid makeup trend is darker and more mysterious. Yes, I lurve it.

"But when is Wet N Wild's Midnight Mermaid Collection out and how is it different?"

Oh, I am so glad you asked. The limited edition Midnight Mermaid Collection will be shoppable online at Ulta on Sunday, Aug. 13. It will cruise onto the Wet N Wild site on Monday, Aug. 14. It arrives in stores on Friday, Sept. 1.

It's a staggered rollout, but it will be widely available, so yay! Plus, it's WNW, which is as affordable as it is on trend. You can scoop up an armful of products and not break the bank. And if you get bored with the trend, you can move on without having negatively impacted your budget.

The Wet N Wild Midnight Mermaid range sidesteps pale pinks and blues, seafoam and mint greens, and light lavenders in favor of rich and royal purples, deep-as-the-ocean blues, hot pinks, and more.

There are metallic matte Liquid Catsuit lippies, metallic liquid eyeshadows, a highlighter, liquid liners, and more.

Go ahead — gawk!

Did the heart of your inner sea siren just flutter?

Those lippies are adventurous and so are the Mega Liners.

You can build so many looks with these products. I find it as refreshing as a dip in the ocean that the brand opted for darker, more night-inspired shades than the usual sun 'n' sand shades of mermaid-inspired beauty products. It extends the mermaid trend beyond the summer months, too.

OMG, you guys. Check out the mermaid scales on the caps of the sparkly liquid shadows. It's all about the details. The sparkly shadow trend is also asserting dominance as prime 2017 beauty trend. See Kat Von D's Glimmer version of her beloved neutral Shade & Light eye palette for proof.

Go ahead and program a reminder in your phone for the launch dates of the Midnight Mermaid collection.

Courtesy of Wet N Wild

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