Urban Decay's New Mascara Is Actually Sex-Proof

Sex-proof. Urban Decay's new Troublemaker mascara brags that it has earned such status. More accurately, the brand's marketing materials tout its sex-proof nature. That means this mascara lasts through any activity and keeps going and going, making sure your lashes are lush and rad — all day and all night. And the sexy product will be available as of Sept. 5, coming with a $24 price tag.

Trouble Maker Mascara, $24, Urban Decay

So how is this particular mascara sex-proof? Inquiring minds wanna know!

Troublemaker Mascara is described as "failsafe." It's infused with lightweight fibers that will allow you to add volume without weighing your natural lashes down. Another Insta post notes that it makes lashes super-fat and super-long, in addition to reminding us of that sex-proof status. I'm guessing it won't smudge or wear away, regardless of any extracurricular activities.

Plus, UD's stunning founder Wende Zomnir posted the new mascara on her personal Insta, proclaiming that she personally tested its sex-proof-ness. While I trust her empirical data, since she has never lead me or other UD Beauty Junkies astray, I may want to test-drive the sex-proof status myself. Because why not?!

Troublemaker is essentially life-proof, but that sounds utterly snoozy compared to sex-proof.

Well-played, Urban Decay, well-played.

Who is loving the iridescent, unicorn-colored packaging? It looks so holographic, which is incredibly on-trend. But make no mistake. The mascara inside is black as night (or my heart.)

Courtesy of Urban Decay

Troublemaker arrives just in time to wreak havoc on fall.

If you are unconvinced of Troublemaker's awesomeness, check out these side-by-side shots. Are you all in yet?

In the product description on the UD site, the brand claims Troublemaker outlasted saunas, snowboarding, and sex. Yaaas!

However, I am wondering how to remove it. I'm thinking we'll need some serious Micellar Water action to get it off.

Troublemaker also adds 13 times the volume. That's pretty, well, sexy.

This close-up of the custom brush shows how it's able to grab onto lashes, including those teeny tiny and hard-to-reach ones, and really coat and curl 'em. It looks deliciously dangerous.

The mascara formula itself is long-wear, flake-free, and layers without clumping so you can pile on two, three, or eight coats without concern. You needn't worry about leaving smudges behind on the pillowcase or sheets.