'The Affair' Season 4 Will Have More To Uncover

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After a slow-paced season, The Affair's Season 3 penultimate episode picked up momentum in a major way. In a revelation that shocked no one, viewers learned through a flashback sequence that Noah stabbed himself. Meanwhile, during a tense family dinner, a guilt-ridden Helen broke down and confessed to her parents and children that she, not Noah, was driving the car that killed Scotty Lockhart three years ago. Even Alison came clean and told Helen over drinks that she had pushed Scotty into the road on that fateful night. The ramifications of these confessions will surely play out in the finale, but it's safe to assume that the show will remain true to form and end with some sort of cliffhanger — so, when is Season 4 of The Affair?

The good news is, The Affair has been renewed — the bad news is that we have a long wait. Although Showtime has not set a date for the Season 4 premiere, both Seasons 1 and 2 premiered in October and concluded in December. The wait for Season 3 was even longer — it premiered in late November. So, we're likely looking at an October or November premiere date for Season 4.

My real question is, where will The Affair go from here? The show has always been deliberately slow-moving, but Seasons 1 and 2 were gripping thanks to the hit-and-run mystery. Although Season 3 had many strong, compelling scenes, the plot floundered at times — personally, I could have lived without the relentless barrage of "Noah in prison" flashbacks. But, thanks to the incredible cast and amazing writers, I'm optimistic about Season 4 — and here are some things I'd like to see when the series returns later this year.


Alison & Helen Interactions

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Interactions between Alison and Helen have been few and far between because, you know, extramarital affairs tend to cause hard feelings. But, a new dynamic developed between the two women when Alison chose to open up to Helen about her own role in Scotty's death. Alison and Helen's one-on-one scenes were some of the most compelling moments of Season 3, and it will be interesting to see how Noah's two ex-wives move forward in their own deeply complicated relationship.


The Addition Of Whitney's Perspective

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When I learned that a fifth perspective would be added for Season 3, I jumped for joy because I assumed it would be Whitney's. But, alas — the new POV was given to a brand new character, Juliette, and it was a bit underwhelming. It became abundantly clear this season that, three years later, Whitney is still deeply affected by Noah's affair and Scotty's death. She's now in her early 20s, has dropped out of college, and is dating a man twice her age. Whitney has always been a complex character, and I'd love to see events unfold through her eyes.


So, What Happened To Alison During The Time Jump?

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One of the most brilliant aspects of The Affair is its ability to consistently keep us guessing about Alison's thoughts and motivations — even when an episode features her perspective. Still, I wouldn't hate getting a few answers — after all, Season 3 featured more Noah flashbacks than I can count, but viewers never actually saw what Alison experienced during the time jump. What happened at her treatment facility? What really drove her to tell Helen the truth about Scotty's death? Alison, you're the ultimate enigma.


The Truth About Noah's Mother

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During Alison and Noah's excursion to Block Island, Noah made a shocking confession — he helped his terminally ill mother commit suicide. But, there was another bombshell in the penultimate episode, and it now appears that Noah may have deliberately driven her to suicide through lies, manipulation, and messing with her medications. So, uh, is Noah actually a murderer?


More Screentime For Cole

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No explanation needed.

The Affair always ends with a cliffhanger, and it's anyone's guess what Season 3's will be — but, sadly, we'll have to wait almost a year to sink back into the ocean with Noah, Alison, and company.