Michelle Obama Was Secretly Wearing This New Glossier Product Over The Weekend

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lip gloss is back and it's better than ever. Want proof? The internet's favorite minimalist brand Glossier dropped two new shades of its Lip Gloss and the former FLOTUS Michelle Obama is already a fan. The brand teased one of the new shades on its Instagram feed ahead of the official announcement and product drop by sharing an image of Obama rocking the red shade while attending the 2019 Essence Festival over the weekend. An endorsement from a style icon like Michelle Obama is the biggest thing the brand could hope for upon launch. It could lead to an instant sell out of the glosses, too. Just sayin'.

Previously, Glossier Lip Gloss was only available as a super shiny clear version that originally arrived in 2016 in the brand's holiday collection before being brought back as part of the permanent assortment.

However, as of July 9, the Glossier faithful can purchase Red, which is a subtle, sheer, and shiny tint, and Holographic, which features opalescent shimmer. As is the case with most Glossier products, these new lippies are minimalist yet effective. Each shade costs $14 per tube and is on sale via the Glossier site, which serves as the brand's main sales platform.

If you had any doubts that lip gloss was back AF, those have been effectively eradicated by the M. Obama-backed drop of the two new hues.

While the lip gloss of the '00s and your middle school or early high school years was often super thick and usually left you with strands of hair affixed to your lips, the Glossier version offers megawatt shine without that heavy, goopy, or tacky feeling. It's all about a smooth and juicy glide across the lips. The formula is vegan, cruelty-free, and packed with ingredients that are good for your pout, like vitamin E and jojoba oil.

Another slay-tastic thing about these Glossier lip glosses is that they can be worn a la carte for an itty bitty tint and a whole lotta shine. They can also be slicked over your favorite matte or satin lipstick shade to amp up the finish, texture and hue. If you simply aren't ready to commit to a bright scarlet lipstick or stain, the soft and sweet red gloss can act as an excellent gateway to get you to a full red lip.

Courtesy of Glossier

A slick or two of the Holographic gloss is basically guaranteed to make any lip look pop. The fact that these glosses are so versatile is why they are an instant makeup bag staple. That, and the Michelle Obama seal of approval, of course.

Glossier's sister brand Glossier Play also offers several brightly colored shades of Vinylic Lip High-Shine Lacquer for the diehards who want even more shine and pigment for their pouts.

These two new lippies follow Glossier's most recent drop. Last month, the brand debuted the Brow Flick Eyebrow Detailing pen. It allows the user to shape the arch, extend the tail, or fill in those pesky, sparse areas of their brows by using quick, featherlight strokes.

Courtesy of Glossier

If you are keeping things low key glam this summer, Glossier Lip Gloss and Brow Flick pack an excellent one-two punch. You can focus on two features, use a minimum product, and look completely fabulous. Michelle Obama agrees.