Luckily, Hannah's 'Men Tell All' Episode Won't Be ALL About Luke P.

by Marenah Dobin
John Fleenor/ABC

As Chris Harrison would say, last week's windmill revelation on The Bachelorette was "the most dramatic moment ever," or at least it was the most dramatic moment from this season. However, the season is far from over. Hannah's Men Tell All special is finally upon us, so fans will get to hear all of the behind the scenes drama. And Bachelor Nation knows there was a lot of it, which is why it's essential to know when the 2019 Men Tell All was filmed in order to figure out what point in the season we were all at when they sat down to tape.

Even though the most recent episodes of the show were filmed a couple months ago, the Men Tell All is actually pretty fresh. On July 16, Entertainment Tonight shared an interview segment with Hannah at the taping and claimed that the special episode was filmed on July 12. Bachelor franchise expert Lauren Zima, who happens to be host Chris Harrison's girlfriend, conducted the interview, so the information about when it was filmed has to be reliable, right?

The July 12 taping means that the guys and Hannah got to watch the episodes from this season before discussing everything that went down, which is how the special usually works.

The July 22 episode isn't just the Men Tell All special though. It starts off with a rose ceremony and that surprise appearance from Luke P. in Greece after his infamous breakup with Hannah. No need to worry, Luke did not win Hannah back again with that stunt. He did show up to the Men Tell All taping as one of Hannah's exes — which means he'll definitely be in the hot seat.

According to an ABC press release about the special episode, the episode begins with "Luke P.'s stunning final standoff in Greece." After that, "the controversial bachelor will take the hot seat opposite Chris Harrison to give his side of the story." Not that anyone is at all surprised by this, but yes, The Luke P show is still going on.

Thankfully, there are other guys on that stage. The press release reveals that Mike, Garrett, John Paul Jones, Luke S, Connor S, Cam, Dylan, Devin, Dustin, Brian, Daron, Jonathan, Matteo, Matt, and Ryan all showed up to share their thoughts on the season, discuss their "breakups" with Hannah, and revisit their frustrations with Luke P.

John Fleenor/ABC

It won't be all about Luke P. though. Mike will get his own hotseat moment to reflect on his split from Hannah. The press release claims that Mike is there to "get closure from the woman he was hoping to be his 'fourth queen." This sounds like it could be the perfect lead-in to a season of The Bachelor with Mike landing the title role. Just saying.

Aside from Mike and Luke P, popular contestant John Paul Jones also gets his own time in the hotseat, most likely to provide some comedic relief from the intense drama and heartbreak.

Even though Peter, Tyler C, and Jed were not at the taping, the Men Tell All episode will also include a sneak peak at the show's two-night finale with the three guys. And with The Bachelorette coming to a close, everyone knows what that means: Bachelor in Paradise is right around the corner. Fans will be blessed with another preview of the season and a cameo appearance from Demi Burnett and Kristina Schulman in the audience.

This season of The Bachelorette has truly been the season that keeps on giving and it sounds Men Tell All episode will come through with even more premium content.