When Will 'Bob's Burgers' Return For Season 8? Get Ready For More Musical Love From The Belchers

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Break out those "Erotic Friend Fiction" notebooks because Bob's Burgers is back for another season. Since Fox renewed Bob's Burgers for two more seasons in 2015, Season 8 doesn't come as much of a surprise for fans. But when will Bob's Burgers Season 8 premiere?

When Fox renewed the series for two more seasons, Fox Broadcasting President David Madden said in an announcement, "Six seasons in, the Belchers have become one of America’s most beloved TV families, and we are so happy to keep them in the fold for another two seasons. Bob's Burgers is hilarious, warm, smart, inventive – critics love it, and so do fans. Loren [Bouchard], Jim [Dauterive], and the brilliant voice cast continue to surprise us in the best ways, and we look forward to seeing what Bob and the family will cook up in Seasons 7 and 8.”

Season 7 had the family doing what they do best: singing, celebrating Thanksgiving, telling stories in a very Tina, Louise, and Gene way, and, in Tina's case, trying to find love with Jimmy Jr. Fans can probably expect these fan-favorite storylines for Season 8 as well, but, as usual, it's the unpredictable Bob's Burgers zaniness that makes the Belcher family so special.

According to TV Guide, Fox's 2017-2018 fall schedule will keep Bob’s Burgers at its usual 7:30pm time slot on Sundays, sharing the space with The OT during football season.

As Bob's Burgers continues to build its television legacy, and following its introduction of the Bob's Burgers Burger Book the year before, fans will get another special treat this year: The Bob's Burgers Music Album. Music has been an important part of the show since Season 1, and it's a tradition that Bob's Burgers hopes to continue with the album. In an interview with Billboard, creator Loren Bouchard said, "When you’re doing animation in particular, music is such a weapon. We’ve always had it in our minds that this show is going to be soaked through like a dirty rag with music."

Featuring 107 songs from the show, the album showcases the best of the Bob's Burgers universe: the music. For any fan who emphasizes with Linda's dream for dinner theater, this album features the sweetly bizarre world of that little restaurant on Ocean Avenue (and no, NOT Jimmy Pesto's). The album also features bands like St. Vincent and The National performing the "Bob's Buskers" versions of particular songs.

Music has been a sporadic component to shows like The Simpson's and Family Guy. Bob's Burgers and its dedication to musical numbers not only makes Gene proud, but has created an interesting legacy for the show.

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The show promises a continued creative vibe for this fall's upcoming season. Although the site is now closed, the fan submission page "Bob's Fart" allowed fans to submit artwork for a chance to see it in the Season 8 premiere.

As Bob’s Burgers joins the ranks of Fox’s other long-running animated sitcoms, let's hope that the Belchers continue to deliver good burgers and good tunes.