When Will Saturn Retrograde In 2017 End?

It's that time again: Saturn is going retrograde in 2017, and this time, it begins on Apr. 6, 2017. But, considering how retrograde planets can affect people's lives more than many of us want to admit, it's worth keeping track of when Saturn's retrograde will end.

Unfortunately, there are a few months of retrograde to look forward (sort of) to: Saturn leades retrograde on Aug. 25, 2017. This is the point when Saturn will no longer be in view from Earth’s visible constellations.

Now during this time, if you happen to view Saturn from Earth, I’m sure you’re going to notice that the planet is... moving... backwards?

Well, no, it actually isn’t. It’s just an optical illusion that makes it seem that way. Since Earth is on a smaller orbit than Saturn, that means that during the year, Earth will reach Saturn (the Saturn retrograde start), then evidently pass Saturn... making it seem like Saturn is moving the opposite direction. In reality, it’s moving the same direction — but with a larger orbit means that it’s pace around the sun is much slower. Earth circles the sun for 365 (sometimes 366) days, while Saturn takes 11,000 days.

So what does this mean in terms of astrology? Saturn is actually known as the Lord of Karma, so multiple astrologists are saying that you will evidently experience karma, in all of the good ways and bad ways, during the retrograde. The Astrology King specifically says that, since Saturn will be squared with Venus, that karma will be in terms of lessons concerning love and money.