Where Can I Get Free Starbucks? 10 Days Of Cheer Is The Perfect Holiday Surprise


This is not a drill: You can now get free espresso drinks from Starbucks during their 10 Days of Cheer event. It's the ultimate holiday gift from the coffee gods! Already wondering where you can get free Starbucks during this holiday promotion? Keeping in light with the holiday spirit of fun and games, Starbucks is offering "Pop Up Cheer Parties" across the country where customers can get 12-ounce Tall free espresso drinks, one per customer, for a limited time. Even better? These parties are starting today, Dec. 23, and run the next 10 days (with the exception of Christmas Day itself).

How do these Pop Up Cheer Parties work? The system is both simple and inventive: The location of the Starbucks Pop Cheer Parties will change every day, giving the opportunity to more people in a greater variety of areas, which I personally think is pretty awesome. To find out if your local Starbucks (or at least, a Starbucks location near you) will be hosting a Pop Up Cheer Party on any given day, simply check the official 10 Days of Cheer website. The site will be updated to reflect the stores offering the deal every day of the promotion, making it even more of a holiday surprise than it already is.

Once you're at the 10 Days of Cheer website, you have two options to dig up the information you need: First, you can look for your state in the drop-down menu and see if the day's locations include your area; or, your other option is to click "See a full list of today's parties here" for all the participating locations laid out together. Easy peasy.


It's also good to point out that even if your local Starbucks is offering this promotion, it's not an all day affair. The free drinks are available only between 1 and 2 p.m. local time — which does put it right at the time you probably desperately need a mid-day caffeine boost. Bonus points for timing, Starbucks.

And if you're not a fan of straight-up espresso, not to worry — the promo applies to literally any espresso-based drink you want, including fancy lattes. If you're a fan of the Flat White? You're all set. If you're craving a sweet treat like a Peppermint Mocha? That counts, too. You can get one free espresso drink of any kind in a size Tall (that's 12 ounces), making it the perfect size for an afternoon pick-me-up. It's also a great opportunity to try a different or new drink that you might be wary about purchasing otherwise.


And as we all know, Starbucks is excellent about customization and meeting dietary needs, so if you need to make your drink, say dairy-free, you're still good to go. And let us not forget that this is another opportunity to snap a shot of the famous Starbucks red cups for our Instagram this holiday season.

Happy holidays, everybody! And remember — slipping out to grab an espresso is an excellent way to excuse yourself from any family awkwardness this holiday season.