This Pumpkin Spice Eyeshadow Palette Is Anything But #Basic

Will we ever get sick of pumpkin spice during the fall? That is like asking if we'll get tired of tartan fleece scarves or apple picking in wellies once the air turns nippy. So in short, no. Which is why it's exciting news that the indie makeup brand Peachy Queen has released a Pumpkin Spice Palette. Grab your nearest pom pom beanie and grab your grande latte people, because it's about to become peak fall in here.

"Pumpkin Spice Palette is here & it’s anything but basic!! Create a sultry, cinnamon & spice look that will give you all the Fall feels," the product description reads. Just in time for pumpkin picking and cinnamon-donut eating, the palette is encased in an orange and white plaid package, complete with a mirror for easy application. The outside captures everything great about autumn, showing a tumble of pumpkins surrounded by a gold border.

This limited edition palette holds 12 shimmer, matte, and diamond shades, where each shadow is even more pigmented than the last. The first row is home to two different shades of red, a burgundy, and a taupe brown; the second row focuses on a spectrum of yellow, orange, warm browns, and a glittery purple; while the last row has a glittery forest green, a shimmery purple, a saturated pink, and a matte plum.

Just like the rest of the brand's palettes, the colors are deeply pigmented and saturated, letting you create bold, artistic eye looks for both day and night. If you want a warm red eye that looks more like fire than a sunset, then this is the palette to turn to. And seeing how it retails for $33.95, it has a mid-range price.

If the brand Peachy Queen sounds familiar, then you might have come across some of their other viral palettes before. The now sold-out Clueless palette was all over Instagram during spring, where the massive, 30-pan palette dished up just as much nostalgia as it did color.

"Whether you are doing a makeover, going shopping at the mall or rollin’ with the homies this palette is totally versatile & you’ll look like a full-on Monet," the product description read. "The perfect palette to go with your Calvin Klein dress, platforms & faux fur."

While just that blurb was heavy with Clueless catch phrases, the shadow names were equally as '90s, where you had choices like "As If," which is a bright yellow, mimicking Cher's famous plaid skirt suit; a light pink named "W," which references the finger gesture for "whatever;" and a metallic blue named "Way Harsh," which is what Cher told Tai when she said "Why should I listen to you, anyway? You’re a virgin who can’t drive."

More recently they released the Kush Queen Palette, which will help you take your smokey eye even higher. Coming in 12 shimmer, matte, and diamond shades, the limited-edition palette will help you achieve a memorable makeup look.

But just like all of these palettes, the Pumpkin Spice Palette is limited edition and won't be around for too long — so snap it up while you can.