Here's How You Can Actually Own The Team USA Olympic Medal Stand Uniforms

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The 2018 Winter Olympics are almost here, and whether you plan to watch every sport from curling to figure skating or you'll just catch a clip online every now and then, the games do tend to inspire national pride. If you want to show spirit, the 2018 Team USA Olympic medal stand uniforms are up for grabs. But where can you buy them?

The Nike designed gear is being sold online, and if you're thinking that Team USA gear is sure to be kind of cheesy, it's not. The 2018 Olympic medal stand uniforms are super sleek with an all white design and understated details. You'll definitely want to get your hands on the perfectly spirited attire if you're super addicted the Olympic Games.

As previously reported by Bustle, the Team USA medal stand uniforms are available online right now. If you want to sport some serious team spirit during the days of the competition, you can twin with your favorite athletes when they hit those medal stands after scoring bronze, silver, or (hopefully) gold.

If these medal stand uniforms are calling your name, they can also be yours thanks to Nike and the Team USA Shop.

If you want to snag the specific jacket worn by the athletes, it will cost you a cool $179.99. But keep in mind that this isn't just any jacket. It's specific to the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics making it not just a jacket but a collectors item for those who love the biannual games.

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Ladies who want to snag it are particularly in luck as an exact replica is available.

Women's Nike White Team USA Tech Fleece Performance Quarter Zip Pullover Hoodie, $179.99, Team USA Shop

As for the men, there's no exact jacket that matches those of the athletes. Their white, full zip jackets aren't available on the Team USA site, but there are more than enough to go around for team support.

Men's Nike Lab Blue Team USA 2018 Olympics Midlayer Jacket, $299.99, Team USA Shop

This navy jacket appears to be the closet outwear to the version you've seen the male athletes wearing in pre-game photos. It can be yours for the cool price of just shy of $300.

These jackets aren't the only look Team USA has though. There are a few more styles for the PyeongChang Olympics. The athletes will be wearing Ralph Lauren designed jackets for their opening ceremony entrance, and snowboarders' suits this year have a space theme.

Basically, the athletes at the Olympics are going to look amazing thanks to some very talented designers. If you want to snag one of the Ralph Lauren designs, there's good news, they're available at the designer's website.

If you're not looking to invest quite as much money in your Team USA gear by buying Ralph Lauren or the costly medal stand jackets, but you do want to support the team, you have options on the Team USA Shop.

Red/White Team USA Jacquard Scarf, $21.99, Team USA Shop

This affordable scarf is the perfect and subtle way to express your love of Team USA.

Team USA Go USA Knit Mitten Navy Blue, $7.99, Team USA Shop

Not only are these mittens super cute, but they're under $10 making them an Olympic must-have.

Women's Red Team USA Large Cotton Canvas Admiral Tote Bag, $29.99, Team USA Shop

If you're into bags, this Team USA item should definitely be in your cart ASAP.

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No matter what kind of Team USA gear you want, the shop probably has it for you. As for those Team USA Olympic medal stand uniforms, they're totally accessible. You don't have to be an Olympic level competitor to snag one. Head over to the Team USA Shop to purchase one of the Nike jackets, support the home team, and get into the Olympic spirit.