Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lippies Will Be Avail Here

If you love Urban Decay's Vice lipsticks but also have an addiction to liquid lippies, due to the popularity of that formula, well, you will experience an epic #ByeMoney moment on Thursday, Jan. 19. That's when Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lippies drop for the first time, offering 30 shades in either the Comfort Matte or the Metallized finish. Comfort matte is UD's "creamiest matte," while Metallized is "cream with a high level of pearl," per the brand's descriptions of the Vice lippies in those textures in bullet form.

All of this UD Vice Liquid Lipstick intel pretty much translates to this: Choices and lots of 'em. Where can you buy the Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipsticks?

The Urban Decay Vice lippies in liquid form will be available at the Urban Decay site. The brand already has a page up, listing all 30 shades, with 10 of those shades being exclusives! Ooh!

Beauty Junkies will obviously want to shop the UD site, since there are perks associated with the brand's customer loyalty program. Plus, the fact that there are several UD-only shades makes online shopping even more attractive.

You can't shop yet, but you can sign up for an email reminder on the UD site. It will let you know when the shades are officially in stock.

The Vice Liquid Lippies are $18 per tube and come with a slightly bent wand. You will have control of your coverage.

This screen grab displays all of the shades and points out which are UD onlies!

These babies won't budge. Goodbye, lipstick stains on straws, collars, other people's cheeks, etc., etc., etc.

The brand is touting the lippies as "lifeproof." They are smooch-proof, waterproof, and won't migrate. The color stays put until you decide to take it off.

Here's everything you need to know about the texture, formula, and shades.

This caption originally accompanied this Insta video post.

Hurry up and get here, Jan. 19!

Images: Urban Decay/Instagram (2); Courtesy of Urban Decay (3)