Where Can You Stream John Legend's Original 'Underground' Song? You Need To Listen To The Powerful Anthem

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you are not watching WGN America's Underground, you need to add it to your list of must-see shows immediately. The pre-Civil War drama's themes of division and the fight for equality are just as relevant now as they were during the tumultuous part of American history that the series is set in. Executive producer John Legend's original Underground song "In America" debuted in the Season 2 premiere, and it is a politically charged anthem befitting the show and the current climate in our country. If you are wondering where you can stream Legend's "In America," you are in luck. It is now available across all major platforms, including Spotify.

Legend is heavily involved in Underground. In addition to his role as executive producer and contributing an original song to kick off the powerful second season, he is also slated to guest star as the famed abolitionist Frederick Douglass in the episode airing Wednesday, April 5. The singer's commitment to the series shines through in every emotional lyric of "In America," which he co-wrote with Dave Tozer. In a press release, Legend revealed the inspiration behind the song's dual vision of the American dream.

He said,

"In America was born around the same time I was working on my most recent album Darkness and Light. It's a song I was writing while thinking about the duality of America, where it's known to be this place of freedom, equality and where anyone can make it. The song points out the tension between the promise of America, the ideals of America, and sometimes us not living up to those ideals in practice."

Season 2 of Underground is delving into the chapter in America's history directly preceding the Civil War. Where Season 1 was all about the Macon 7's journey to the north, Season 2 is grappling with the ways in which these characters are trying to create change on a major scale. That's what makes Legend's song so perfect for the narrative.

"In America was the perfect song for Underground, a series I’m incredibly proud to be a part of, and one that does a beautiful job of portraying a challenging time in our nation’s history while reminding us that change is possible," Legend said.

You can hear the push and pull between hopefulness and despair in Legend's lyrics. America can be a place where anything is possible, but inequality still exists for people of color, immigrants, women, the LGBTQ community, the poor, and so many others. The idea of the American dream is still out of reach for far too many people, which is exactly why shows like Underground and music like Legend's are so vital.

When you queue up "In America" on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes, really listen to the lyrics. This is an anthem for change, and one that should be essential listening for everyone.

"In America, In America
I poured my sweat in America
This land is my land, it’s America
I broke my back for America
All the money I make, all these chances I take
Just paying my rent, in America
Won’t just stand around and watch it go down"

Listen to "In America" now and let it inspire you. New episodes of Underground Season 2 air Wednesdays on WGN America.