Why Derek's Life Will Totally Change After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/ Bob D’Amico

It's hard to keep track of where the Bachelor In Paradise suitors live because it seems like they constantly travel post show. Derek Peth is no different, he's been all over the country since returning from courting Taylor Nolan in Mexico. Derek is originally from Waverly, Iowa, a small midwestern town of about 10,000 people, according to the Des Moines Register. But, Derek has been around the country since filming stopped: Celebrating Carly Waddell and Evan Bass's marriage in Nashville, visiting Bachelor bros in Chicago, and even making some trips to California. Maybe the real question is, where will Derek live after Bachelor In Paradise? He may be from Iowa, but his future depends on his relationship.

Derek and Taylor have been the golden couple of Bachelor In Paradise this season — much like Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert before them — avoiding the drama and falling in love instead. They were an unlikely pair coming into Paradise: Taylor was surrounded by a lot of conflict from her season and Derek was a quiet contestant whom many fans may have needed to Google to remember. The two coupled up quickly and have been a delight to watch fall in love, since they feel grounded and relatable. With a reported engagement on the horizon, much of their life may change, including where they live. In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, the two discussed their future living situation. They don't want to move in together immediately, but do want to move to the same city. They've been looking at the big cities like New York and L.A. while keeping Seattle as an option. But, until they make that decision, here's where Derek has been.

He's From Waverly, Iowa

Derek is originally from Waverly, Iowa, a place he often refers to on his social media as "God's country." Derek has life-long friends and family in Iowa, his dad even played basketball for the Hawkeyes. WetPaint reported that Derek attended Wartburg College, a small Evangelical college in Waverly, Iowa, staying close to home for his higher education. While Derek traveled around the country the past few years, he often returns to Iowa, which is clearly near and dear to his heart.

He's Been Singing In Florida

Derek was listed as a commercial banker on JoJo's season, but he's also a singer. It seems his singing had him spending some time in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, his hometown as listed on The Bachelorette. In October of 2016 he posted an Instagram saying goodbye to Florida as his home. Derek captioned the photo, "One last sunset in the Keys before I say goodbye to Florida as my home. #BackToIowa." Derek has roots in Iowa, but he definitely appeared to enjoy a sunnier climate of Florida for a time.

He's A Traveling Suitor

Derek seems to have traveled quite a bit since his time on television. Derek has been on the move taking a trip overseas, as documented above, and visiting his Chicago Paradise friends. Many of the contestants form tight bonds on the show, opening up the possibilities of couches to crash on all over the country. Many contestants also begin to make money on social media, increasing the opportunity to travel.

He May Possibly Have A Future Home In L.A.

Many of Derek's recent posts, like the one above, are of him in Los Angeles. Taylor recently put L.A. as her location in her Instagram bio, which may be a clue to both of their final locations. Before putting L.A. in her bio, Taylor called Seattle, Washington home, according to her social media posts. Derek has been traveling, so the two may decide to move to a new city if they get engaged. L.A would make sense as a new home, there would be plenty of opportunities for both of them, and L.A is also a good base city to travel from.

He'll Go Wherever Love Takes Him

Derek has been smitten for the entire season of Bachelor In Paradise and seems ready to give into love. Iowa may have been Derek's first love, but Taylor has his heart now — and he's sure to go where it leads him.