The One Major Way Taylor & Derek Can Make Their Relationship Last After 'Bachelor In Paradise'

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/Paul Hebert

Taylor Nolan got a sweet love story this season on Bachelor In Paradise, quickly coupling up and falling for Derek Peth. On Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, Taylor spent much of her time wrapped up in conflict with Corinne Olympios, so her mostly drama-free time in Paradise was a nice new chapter to her story. Taylor's got a lot going for her outside of the Bachelor franchise too, she's a smart, thoughtful career woman. But, where does Taylor live outside of Bachelor in Paradise? According to her Bachelor bio from her time on Nick's season, she's a Seattle, Washington based professional... with some flexibility to move.

Taylor and Derek followed in the footsteps of Bachelor In Paradise success story Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert, and they're following very similar love paths. Both couples spent most of their time in Mexico talking and kissing, avoiding the group drama pitfalls. Outside of Paradise, logistics and the willingness to make sacrifices play a huge part in the success or failure of a couple. Taylor and Derek don't live in the same state, so one or both may have to move in order to potentially start a life together. And, since it's been reported that Taylor and Derek are engaged, the question becomes, where will the lovebirds live?

The couple spoke to Access Hollywood about an upcoming move — to the same city but not to the same apartment yet. They said they wanted to keep their romance fresh by not sharing a place right away, but want to share a city. They're mostly looking at big cities like New York, L.A and maybe even Taylor's hometown of Seattle. At this point, the world — or at least the country — is their oyster, and they have a lot of options.

Seattle, Washington Is Her Home Base

Taylor is originally from Seattle, Washington and has called it home for many years. Taylor posted the above Instagram saying, "Damn, I love where I live." While she left for school, going to Stevenson University then John Hopkins for her Master of Science degree, she returned to Seattle to work, according to her LinkedIn. Taylor is pursuing a career as a mental health counselor, so while she lives in Seattle, her career means she can likely find a similar position in another state if she wants to move.

She's Down For Los Angeles Adventures

Taylor has had some California adventures since Bachelor In Paradise that she documented on her social media. The Bachelor franchise opens doors for contestants and many flock to cities like Los Angeles and New York after the show to maximize those opportunities. Andi Dorfman, for instance, left her lawyer job in Georgia to move to New York City and become an author. It is not uncommon for television fame to lead to new cities for the Bachelor suitors. With a new romance and new platform, Taylor may not remain in Seattle. In her Instagram bio, Taylor often tags herself as in Los Angeles, and she may choose that as her ultimate home.

She Has An Iowan Love

Suitors in the Bachelor world meet in a sort of bubble, and they date far from the "real world." Contestants meet on the show and either travel together or remain in the same location. But, then they often have to deal with different hometowns when the cameras stop rolling. Some are lucky, like Carly Waddell and Evan Bass who were both from Nashville, while others suddenly have a long distance relationship on their hands, and can't find a way to make it work. According to his Instagram, Derek is from Iowa, so either he or Taylor will have to make a big move, or maybe they both will decide to take a leap of faith together into a new city.