Chris From 'Charmed' Has Been Keeping Busy

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The news that The CW is working on a reboot of Charmed has left fans of the show unsure of how this new version of the show will hold up against the beloved classic. Reportedly set in the 1970s, what connection the Charmed reboot will have to the Halliwell sisters is unclear, but, if there's even the tiniest connection, The CW needs to call Drew Fuller ASAP. Fuller starred as Piper and Leo's time-traveling son Chris Halliwell in the show's latter seasons, and he became an instant fan favorite. Since Chris can time travel and all, there's no reason he couldn't drop into the '70s, unless Fuller is simply too busy to make an appearance. Which brings me to the all important question: where is Chris from Charmed now, and is he available to visit the '70s era witches tasked with saving the world in the reboot?

The answer to that last question involves a ton of variables. Specifics about the reboot are scarce at this point, so there may be no Halliwell connection at all — although I would like to believe a half Whitelighter/half witch would be useful to any young witches coming into their powers. Then there's the more practical question of whether or not Fuller is too busy to make a role on the new Charmed work.

A quick look at Fuller's IMDB page reveals he has worked steadily since Charmed ended in 2006. In fact, he went from Charmed to a long-running role on Lifetime's Army Wives. After Army Wives ended, Fuller began doing at least one TV movie a year while also making time for a guest spot on Longmire. So far, his 2017 slate is looking pretty clear with just the film Beyond Brotherhood coming up. Even better news? His Twitter account reveals he's aware of the reboot.

One look at the responses to the tweet reveal that the message was in reference to his Charmed fans, many of whom are disappointed the reboot isn't a reunion with the original cast. Maybe getting Fuller on board would alleviate some of their fears. It can't hurt, right?

As for Fuller's personal life, he is clearly living the dream. His Instagram is full of stunning travel photos featuring his latest adventures. It appears he made a recent trip to Japan, which resulted in some truly gorgeous photography. Here he is playing his own personal game of Where's Waldo.

Fuller's Twitter account is just as wonderful as his Instagram account. The actor is very active on social media and seems to love sharing news about his life and career with his followers. Recently, he shared a collage of his favorite albums of the year, and I'm sure some of his picks would definitely have been on Chris' list too.

Charmed fans, take heart. Fuller is still working steadily and engaging with his fanbase, which means, with a little magic, Chris might just show up in the reboot yet.