Here's What Jenny From 'Sabrina The Teenage Witch' Is Up To Now

There's a brand-new Sabrina The Teenage Witch series coming to Netflix, and it's definitely worth freaking out over. The news also has fans nostalgic for the Sabrina they grew up on. Melissa Joan Hart has stayed in the public eye since the series' end, but where is Jenny from Sabrina The Teenage Witch now? Actor Michelle Beaudoin stuck with The WB and ABC series for just one season, from 1996-1997. With news of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina being adapted for TV, it's easy to reminisce how things once were, once Sabrina was dating Harvey, figured out how to handle the high school bully, and best pal Val was in the mix. But whither Jennifer "Jenny" Kelley, the BFF from Season 1?

Finding what Beaudoin has been up to actually takes a little work. According to IMDb, the Canadian actress hasn't done much outside of the '90s, when her most prominent role was Sabrina's first best friend. Only the deepest Sabrina fans would realize that Beaudoin also had a starring role in the 1996 TV movie that preceded the Sabrina The Teenage Witch series. In that, she played Marnie Littlefield, a character that did not make it into the spinoff series. So, what is this under-the-radar Sabrina legend up to in 2018?

As indicated by IMDb, Beaudoin has not acted since 2006. Her last official role was in two episodes of a French-Canadian series called Le coeur a ses raisons, which translates to "The heart has its reasons". The comedy series satirized the most famous dramatic tropes in TV, and there definitely should have been an American version. On her IMDb page, which is normally an easy reference point for the résumé and current headshots of industry professionals, her default photo is a screen grab from Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Though Beaudoin continued to act for nearly a decade after leaving Sabrina The Teenage Witch, there's little trace of her life since 2006. She does not appear to have a Facebook account, and there are a lot of Michelle Beaudoins on Instagram. The actor seems to be on Twitter; she tweets under "@Tweets2Who", but posts infrequently. Beaudoin's posts are mostly politically-themed RTs, with some music links thrown in. She's never tweeted about Sabrina. (One important note: The @Tweets2Who account is not verified.)

As the account's bio states, Beaudoin is currently living in Europe — she describes herself as a "Canadian in Europe via the U.S." — and she may still be acting, perhaps in theater. Fans are well aware of her handle, and tweet at the former Sabrina actor with regularity. It doesn't look like she's responded yet, but maybe one day.

A new Sabrina is on the way, but it's unlikely fans will be hearing from Jenny Kelley again. The upcoming series will debut on Netflix, and it's barely even like Riverdale on The CW. This Sabrina show will be much more dark and extremely different. It's based on the newer, more adult-themed horror imprint from Archie Comics. Sabrina star Melissa Joan Hart has stated on multiple occasions that she has no plans to join the cast of the update, and it would be quite a shock (a fun one, though) to find out Beaudoin was un-retiring from acting to return to a franchise she left 20 years prior. Here's how Hart explained Jenny's sudden disappearance after Season 1 to the Huffington Post:

“Oh, Jenny. Yeah, season by season our show’s cast would come and go based on audience reaction, and sometimes there’d be dispute about contracts and negotiations as far as payment goes for certain actors. And just bringing in a fresh perspective from a different character. Also, there’s a lot of politics that go on behind the scenes, like when a writer develops a certain character they get paid on the [likeness] of that character for every episode. If a writer develops a character, but that writer’s gone and there’s bad blood, they might get rid of the character they developed, so they didn’t have to pay them anymore. There are a lot of things that go into that situation.”

So, the story behind Jenny's mysterious disappearance could have been more complex than just storytelling reasons.