Where Is 'Jungle 2 Jungle' Star Sam Huntington?

Rob Kim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there was one definitive '90s TV and movie dad, it was Tim Allen. As an eternal fan of all things Allen back in the day, I remember specifically dragging my mom to the movies when Jungle 2 Jungle was released in 1997. It became clear to me in that theater that Allen was hilariously on form, as per usual, but the actor who played the mischievous Mimi-Siku was the real star. Now, as the film celebrates its 20th anniversary, I've wondered what happened to Jungle 2 Jungle star Sam Huntington. The good news: he definitely did not let Jungle 2 Jungle define his career nor did he peak with the 1997 family comedy.

Instead, Huntington maintained an active and varied career in film and television before and after Jungle 2 Jungle. If anything, Huntington's stint as Mimi-Siku only propelled him onward to bigger and better projects. If you're still scratching your head, convinced you haven't seen anyone even resembling Huntington in a film or television show since 1997, just wait. Trust me, you've definitely seen Huntington since Jungle 2 Jungle. Do the titles Not Another Teen Movie, Superman Returns, Veronica Mars, Being Human, and Rosewood ring a bell? Yeah, they've got Huntington's fingerprint all over them.

Huntington moved from being a perfect, 90's crush-worthy, Teen Beat fave to roles that suited his hot geekiness — frankly, I'm not complaining. Whether he was playing Superman's sidekick, Jimmy Olson, in Superman Returns or a nerdy, handsome but super tortured werewolf in Being Human, Huntington has still got it.

Huntington maintains a low profile these days. According to his IMDb page, he doesn't appear to have any new projects in the mix and he was last seen in an episode of Syfy's hit show, The Expanse. In case you need your Huntington fix like, right now and the quicker the better (don't worry, I get it), then you can find him on Twitter or Instagram. Be warned: Huntington's Instagram is full of cute family pictures with his kids and him being a goof with his friends. You will definitely be charmed.