Here's Where To Shop The New Kylie iPhone Cases

While Kylie Cosmetics can't seem to drop new products fast enough — a new formula, Kylighters, and a collab all in a few months is intense — the Kylie Shop and Kylie merch seems to have slowed down. Not anymore, though. New Kylie phone cases have arrived, and they're even better than the originals and or the second launch — although, they're also incredible for Kylie Jenner fans. From homages to Kylie Cosmetics to a shout out to mom Kris Jenner and a joke only fans will get, Jenner's new cases are perfect for Jenner's fans, and you won't want to miss them.

Jenner has been hyping the cases for some time on social media, and it's easy to see why. They're perfect. Three of the five new cases feature Kylie Cosmetics themes with two hosting frosted Kylie Cosmetics lip drips and one featuring the drops falling from the top of the case. The other two, however, are very Jenner-centric with the Kris Jenner flipping the bird graphic on one and the classic Kylie phrase "Like Realizing Things" on the other. Basically, they're a fans dreams.

Where can you shop the new cases? The Kylie Shop, of course. Like all of Jenner's merch, you can snag any of the new cases there, and the best news: they're affordable. In fact, they all retail for only $15 each.

What do all the cases look like on their own?

Frosted Blue Lips

Frosted Blue Lips iPhone Case, $15, The Kylie Shop

This case is very old school Skylie lip kit.

Frosted Pink Lips iPhone Case

Frosted Pink Lips iPhone Case, $15, The Kylie Shop

This case is perfect for the classic lip kit lover.

3. Like Realizing Stuff

Like Realizing Stuff iPhone Case, $15, The Kylie Shop

Who doesn't love that Jenner can make fun of herself?

4. Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner Flip Off iPhone Case, $15, The Kylie Shop

We all need Kris Jenner sass in our lives.

5. Kylie Drips

Kylie Drop iPhone Case, $15, The Kylie Shop

For the Kylie Cosmetics lover, there's no better case.

If you want to shop the new Kylie phone cases, head over to the Kylie Shop website. Hey, with prices like this, why limit yourself to one? For the Kylie fan, there's no such thing as too much Kylie.