The Museum Of Broken Relationships Is Totally Real

Rick Rowell/ABC

After 21 seasons of The Bachelor, I can honestly say Nick Viall took his contestants on a group date to a place I’ve never heard of — The Museum of Broken Relationships. It’s a place filled with the relics of old relationships, and Nick even added a piece to the curation — the engagement ring he picked out for Kaitlyn. I burned everything in a shoebox on my 21st birthday, so I don’t have any old relationship relics, but if you do, you might want to bring them. So, where is the Museum of Broken Relationships?

According to its website, the Museum of Broken Relationships is “a global crowd-sourced project with permanent museum outposts in Zagreb (Croatia) and Los Angeles, California. [Its] ongoing traveling exhibitions have been the source of growth, variety, and originality of our museum collection.” So there’s one Museum of Broken Relationships in California, and there’s one in Croatia, so if you have anything you want to donate to the museum, that’s where you’re booking your plane ticket. As see on The Bachelor, the museum features more than just romantic love, so the pieces shown ranged from strange to very, very weird. But hey — relationships are very, very weird!

Rick Rowell/ABC

It’s worth noting that on the date, Nick and his chosen women had to act out various breakup scenes, so the episode really doubled down on the breakup theme. What’s funny is that Nick will probably break up with all of these women sometime within the next few months. All in all, though, it seemed cathartic to The Bachelor women (except for Liz, yikes), and it’s probably beneficial to anyone who’s had their heart broken in the past to visit.