Here's Where Most Singles Get Dating Advice

by Kristine Fellizar
Hannah Burton/Bustle

When you're a single millennial looking for love, dating can be a struggle. So what does one do when the quest for love has only led you down a road of frustration, disappointment, and well, breadcrumbing? Turn to people for advice, of course. The funny thing about dating advice is so many people like to shell it out, a lot of people like to ask for it, and yet many don't end up taking it. In fact, Match's seventh annual Singles in America survey found that 65 percent of singles don't actually find dating advice useful.

Throughout the years, I've definitely received my fair share of love advice. Some have been good and others horribly bad, and then there's the advice that makes me roll my eyes. If you've been single for a while, you know what I'm talking about. According to the survey of over 5,500 singles across the country, ages 18-70+, these are the three most hated dating advice clichés they get:

  • 1. "You've got to put yourself out there." - 37%
  • 2. "Don't be so picky." - 36%
  • 3. "It will happen when you least expect it." - 32%

Personally I can't decide which of these three bother me the most. At the same time, it's not that these aren't good pieces advice. They're just never what someone frustrated with their love life situation, or lack thereof, ever wants to hear — especially when they feel like they're putting themselves out there or being more open-minded. Regardless, everyone could use some advice sometimes. So here's where single men and women are getting their dating advice today, according to the survey:


Female Friends

Women (66 percent) are more likely to turn to their female friends for advice than anyone else. About 34 percent of men also seek out advice from their female friends.


Guy Friends

When men need dating advice, it's no surprise that 48 percent of them will turn to their boys. About 35 percent of women also say they go to guy friends for advice.



Twenty percent of men and 30 percent of women look to their co-workers for love advice. You're with them for the majority of your day, so it makes sense.



For me, my sister is my number one go-to. It turns out women (31 percent) are much more likely to go to their siblings for love advice than men (19 percent).



Sometimes it's good to get advice from people who've "been there." About 27 percent of women get dating advice from their parents. Men, on the other hand are more likely to get dating advice from someone you wouldn't initially think.



Here's an interesting one — about 13 percent of men say they get dating advice from an ex.


Uber Drivers

If you need completely unbiased advice from an outside source, your Uber driver could be it. The survey found that talking to your Uber driver about your love life can make you three times more likely to have sex. So uh, that's definitely an option.

The thing is, everyone's dating experiences are different. Dating advice that you get from your mom or your sister or your best friend may or may not apply to your situation. So it's all about listening, taking it in, and then figuring out what works best for you.