Amy Schumer's Tote Is Fashionably Feminist

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy Nancy Hoffman Gallery

This actress and comedian is one of the many celebrities who have been vocal about her beliefs throughout the election process and now that Donald Trump has assumed his role as president. She’s taken to Instagram as a platform to share her mind and create calls to action, and this photo of Amy Schumer’s "Pro Choice" purse is no exception. Her latest post features the work of a feminist artist who you should definitely learn more about.

The purse, which features the phrase “Pro Choice” on one side and “Nasty Woman” on the other in neon lettering, was designed by Michele Pred. According to her website, Pred is a Swedish-American conceptual artist who "works with found and confiscated objects and technology imbued with cultural and political meaning.” Much of her work focuses on current issues. Similar bags to the one Schumer showed off on social media were featured at an exhibition on display at the Nancy Hoffman Gallery in New York in 2015, although these pieces couldn't be more timely and relevant. The exhibition showcased bags with the phrases, “Choice" and “My Body My Business,” among others.

"We are in a state of emergency in the US for women's rights and human rights," Pred tells Bustle in an email. And while there is a certain sense of timeliness to her art, this feminist focus isn't new for Pred. "My work has focused on women's rights with a particular focus of reproductive rights for the last 5 years," she says.

Work it out, #NastyWoman!


Schumer's not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.

And her fashion choices only further prove that to be true.

Courtesy Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Pred's work allows vintage bags to take on a whole new life.

Courtesy Nancy Hoffman Gallery

This feminist briefcase is just the kind of thing every #girlboss needs.

Courtesy Nancy Hoffman Gallery

Let your bag do the talking.

Courtesy Michele Pred

Whether she's discussing abortion laws or the wage gap, Pred always makes quite the impact with her pieces. You can see the purses featured above on display at Project Empty Space in Newark through June 1.

Courtesy Michele Pred

The artist has also been donating some of the proceeds from her work to NARAL and Planned Parenthood Illinois, she tells Bustle. Last month alone, she writes, she donated $2,000 to Planned Parenthood Illinois.

Now, it may be a bit expensive to own a piece of Pred-designed art for yourself, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of more affordable options that will allow you to express your opinions, too.

1. Feminist Tote

Courtesy Seltzer Goods

Feminist Tote, $22.50, Seltzer Goods

Your style, defined.

2. Equal Power Pin

Courtesy Round + Square

Statement Pin, $36, Round + Square

The greatest part about this pin (besides its message, of course) is that it can be worn anywhere. On your lapel, on your tote bag, on your scarf. Carry this sentiment with you wherever you go.

3. Nasty Women Unite Tote

Courtesy The Outrage

Nasty Women Unite, $28, The Outrage

There's nothing more powerful than a girl gang, after all. When you purchase this bag, 15 percent of the proceeds go to Planned Parenthood, according to the website.

4. Cats Against Catcalls Tote Bag

Courtesy Feminist Apparel

Cats Agains Catcalls Tote, $24.95, Feminist Apparel

This brings a whole new definition to "cat lady," huh?

5. Pro-Choice Tote

Courtesy Look Human

Pro Choice Tote Bag, $23.99, Look Human

These are the things I'm pro, for sure.

6. Boy, Bye Tote

Courtesy Beyoncé Shop

Boy Bye Tote Bag, $30, Beyoncé Shop

Tell 'em "boy, bye," you know?

Self-expression is a powerful thing.