How To Copy Beyonce's Preggers Shirt

by Alexa Tucker

Beyoncé (and her babe Blue Ivy) have been known to rock some high-end fashion, but every once in a while Queen B will remind everyone that her style's not just about the price tag. And when she breaks out a $23 T-shirt, you better believe people are going to jump on it. It's no wonder Beyoncé's Preggers tee sold out faster than you can say "slay."

Her ***flawless white and black maternity shirt was available on ASOS — at least, up until she rocked it on Instagram. It's another chapter in her pregnancy stylebook, which has been unsurprisingly amazing since she announced her twins' impending arrival. The proof is in the 'grams: from chic velvet LBDs to stunning red gowns, Beyoncé's maternity style is unbeatable.

In this particular ensemble, she paired the Preggers tee with a super stylish version of a "Canadian tuxedo" — a denim jacket and jeans. White Converse and classic Ray-Bans completed the casual-cool look. Oh, and a boss peace sign.

First, she posted a close-up photo of the tee, as if the world wasn't already hyper-aware of the two new members of the Beyhive. Then she showed off the whole look, so we can all copy it (pregnant or not).

ASOS Maternity Preggers Slogan Tee, $23, ASOS

Beyoncé, serving up style inspiration per usual.

Even though you can't snag her exact shirt, here are six similar maternity tees to copy the look.

1. Preggers Trending Maternity T-Shirt

Preggers Trending Maternity T-Shirt, $18, Amazon

This looks almost like a common copy of the OG shirt.

2. Pregnant AF Maternity T-Shirt

Pregnant AF Maternity T-Shirt, $17, Amazon

When there's no other way to put it.

3. Ice Ice Baby Maternity T-Shirt

Ice Ice Baby Maternity T-Shirt, $24- $27, Amazon

Get it? Ice, ice baby? (Sorry, that'll be stuck in my head all day now, too.)

4. Mama Bear Maternity T-Shirt

Mama Bear Maternity T-Shirt, $25- $28, Amazon

Nobody messes with mama bear.

5. Preggers Maternity T-Shirt

Preggers Maternity T-Shirt, $46, ILY Couture

If block lettering isn't your thing, a curlier font adds a sweet touch.

6. Oh My God Becky Look At That Bump T-Shirt

Oh My God Becky Look At That Bump T-Shirt, $17, Amazon

I'm not pregnant, but I know exactly when I'd be asking for if I was.