Here's Where To Shop Michelle Phan's EM Cosmetics

If you're a fan of YouTube, there's a good chance you know who OG YouTuber Michelle Phan is, but the beauty vlogger has expanded far beyond her YouTube roots to relaunch her cosmetics line. Now, Phan's EM Cosmetics' new launches are here, and you can officially shop them. From lippies to liners, Phan released products that every beauty lover can use, and she's got help from her diverse, EM Cosmetics muses to help her launch them.

First up from the newly relaunched EM Cosmetics are the Infinite Lip Clouds and the Brush & Felt Tip Illustrative Eyeliner. The products are the perfect staples to begin with, and they're all gorgeous. If you're wondering where to shop them, it's incredibly easy. Simply head over to the EM Cosmetics website, and Phan's latest creations are at your fingertips. All eight of the Infinite Lip Clouds and both the felt and brush tip Illustrative liners are available for sale at the site right now.

Not only are the new EM Cosmetics products available, but they're also on the more affordable side of cosmetics. While some liquid lipsticks can retail for as much as $26, Phan's Infinite Lip Clouds ring in at $18 while the new eyeliners will cost you $15. Plus, for a limited time, there's free shipping on all orders.

Phan isn't alone in the launch, though. She chose five muses to help her do it. Each woman is from a different background, but they all have beauty at the center of their lives. From fellow YouTube OG Promise Phan to the inspiring JKissa, the muses are rocking the latest Em Cosmetics products and helping Phan to create more.

So far, there's been no word on products that are to come, but Phan has made sure to give fans the 411 on the latest launches. Fans are already stoked about the products that are out, and getting your hands on these beauties seem to be far more pressing than what could be coming next.

If you want to shop the latest EM Cosmetics launches, head over to the brand's website and take advantage of the free shipping promo. With eight shades of Lip Clouds and two types of applicators for the new eyeliner, the brand has something for everyone.