GLAMGLOW Just Launched Its First Ever Makeup Product & You'll Want It ASAP

Courtesy of GLAMGLOW

Ultra-popular skin care brand GLAMGLOW is known for innovative and Insta-worthy face masks for the ultimate exercise in self-care. But the brand is branching out into uncharted territory in a major way — and the move is giving those glitzy, glittery masks a run for their money. GLAMGLOW just launched makeup for the first time EVER. The first beauty product by the brand is — wait for it — a palette of highlighters. Because, duh, how else could GLAMGLOW jump into the beauty world?

With the release of the Glowpowder Glow Palette, the moment GLAMGLOW fans never knew they wanted is here. The brand's first ever makeup product launched on June 25, and it's certainly not a release to sleep on. The highlighting palette comes with three shades housed in a hot pink case — Pearl Glow, Nude Glow, and Sun Glow. Do those shade names sound familiar? Well, the blendable and buildable highlighting hues are the same exact shades as the brand’s beloved Glowstarter moisturizer. Because if glow ain't broke, don't fix it.

Pearl Glow will give you a bright white highlight, while Nude Glow will give you that rose gold highlight that's so trendy right now. Sun Glow is a bronzed glow that's perfect for the summer sun. While Nude Glow looks fit for all skin tones, its worth noting Pearl Glow seems a little light for darker complexions. Sun Glow, on the other hand, is probably not suited for super pale skin tones, given its deep bronzed hue.

Courtesy of GLAMGLOW

But don't think GLAMGLOW would leave behind skin care principles when stepping into the makeup game. The highlighting palette was actually made to help your skin look and feel its best, and has the ingredients to back it up.

The Glowpowder formula includes skin superhero hyaluronic acid to give your skin that beloved dewy appearance. The powders are also made of Brazilian golden clay, which contains silicon, potassium, and titanium to plump skin and give you some inner glow. And let's not forget the golden gemstones included in Glowpowder to help diffuse light and blur skin. Oh la la.

But all that fancy beauty and skin care talk comes at a price. The product, which is available on GLAMGLOW's website and at Sephora, is a steep $42.

That price tag might not be a shocker for customers who frequent the GLAMGLOW aisle at Sephora. After all, the brand is pretty prestige — and has the price tags to prove it. One of those fancy masks the brand is known for will set you back $59 at least. Ouch.

If it helps you sleep at night, $42 shakes out to $14 per shade — and that's not even counting all the hues you can create by mixing powders for a custom glow. Say bye to your money and hello highlighted cheekbones.

GLAMGLOW recommends that its first makeup product be used in conjunction with Glowstarter moisturizer and Glowsetter Makeup Setting Spray for optimal glow. The brand also suggests combining Pearl Glow on the high points of the cheeks and Sun Glow on the low points of the cheeks for a multidimensional effect perfect for summer.

The glow pros at GLAMGLOW may be making us go broke with every new release, but we'll look damn good — and glowy — while doing it.