"Beauty And The Beast" Fans Need These Nail Wraps

If you've been gearing up for Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast ever since you first heard Emma Watson sing "Belle," then you're also probably looking for ways to celebrate the premiere. Jamberry's Beauty and the Beast nail wraps are the perfect way to showcase your love of all things Disney, and plus, getting a group together to prep your nails for your first screening of the movie doesn't seem like a bad Friday evening.

If you've never heard of Jamberry but love a great manicure, they're about to be your new best friend. Jamberry are nail wraps, decals that adhere to the nail as if you've given yourself the perfect manicure all on your own. Started by three sisters in 2010, the wraps come in a multitude of colors and patterns, and now, they're Beauty and the Beast themed for the upcoming film.

The best part of the Jamberry x Disney's Beauty and the Beast nail wraps is how easy they are to shop. Simply head over to the Jamberry website and add them to your cart. At only $18 per sheet of nail decals, they're also a great value considering that a single sheet will give you between 2-3 manicures.

What nail should you try?

1. A Singular Rose

Look Deeper, $18, Jamberry

Rock the enchanted rose for a more subtle homage to Beauty and the Beast.

2. Chip Inspired

Enchanted Life, $18, Jamberry

If Chip is your favorite character, these nails will be ideal for you.

3. Classic Belle

Bonjour Belle, $18, Jamberry

If classic Belle will always be your favorite, these are perfect.

To check out the other Disney offerings from Jamberry, head over to their site now. You've only got about two weeks before the big theatrical release.