Where To Buy Jessie James Decker’s Bless Your Body Lotion & Body Wash For A Great-Smelling Valentine's Day


Y’all, this gal never stops. Not only is she prepping for her first-ever pop-up location in NY, but she’s also churning out new beauty products. Basically, Jessie James Decker's giving you everything from clothing options you can shop IRL to scents that'll have you all sorts of ready for Valentine’s Day! Find out where to buy Jessie James Decker’s Bless Your Body Lotion and Body Wash so you can be smelling sweet for your big date night on Feb. 14.

JJD created wonderfully scented Bless Your Hair perfumes before, but this is her first time venturing into products for the body. The body wash and lotion she’s created smell like juicy honey dew and can be found on the Fave4 Hair website. You can find her hair line here, too, but those items are also available online through Target — just so you know exactly where to go.

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The latest Bless Your Body options retail for $24 a piece and come with a ton of product. You definitely won’t run out of these quickly, which makes spending less than 25 bucks on them super easy! According to the Fave4 Hair website, you should choose the FedEx Ground Shipping option to receive these by Valentine’s Day. But, maybe these could *potentially* be up for grabs at her pop-up location on Feb. 10, as well? Although that is technically about her partnership with Kittenish, you never know. Fingers crossed!

Great-smelling products to get your skin feeling silky smooth? Don't mind if I do!

This set has everything you'll need to prep for, well, pretty much anything.

You'll get a ton of use out of these containers. When it comes to JJD beauty items, the bigger, the better!

Bless Your Body Honey Dew Body Wash, $24, Fave4 Hair

No matter how you use this body wash, you're in for a treat. According to the website, you can lather it on in the shower, pour a little into your tub for a luxurious bath or lay it on thick while shaving for silky smooth legs.

Bless Your Body Honey Dew Body Lotion, $24, Fave4 Hair

You can shop these individually or together for double the goodness.

Honey Dew You Love Me Gift Set, $64, Fave4 Hair

Or you can do even better, and shop the set that has all three of her honey dew items. It retails for only $64, so at least now you know what to tell your SO or BFF to surprise you with on V-Day.

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There's no wrong way to shop these options. So, you know what to do. Head to the Fave4 Hair website to place your order to start incorporating this sweet, fruity scent into your routine as soon as possible.