Kim K's New Fruit Fragrances Are Almost Here, But You Still Can't Smell Before You Buy

If your inner psychic told you that the leader of the Kardashian klan was going to drop another KKW Beauty fragrance then your prediction was spot on. Kim Kardashian's fruit Kimoji fragrances are going to make their special debut very soon, and the sweet scents have summer vibes written all over them.

Kim Kardashian West isn't one to stay out of the limelight. The beauty brand owner always finds a way to keep her name on the tip of everyone's tongue, whether she's adjusting the KKW Beauty Creme Contour and Highlight Sticks per her fans' requests or selling an internet-breaking fragrance bottle created in the image of naked body. That's Km Kardashian for you, folks!

Keeping her fragrance collection on and popping, the KUWTK star is gearing up for yet another product launch, and it's all going down beginning on July 14. The new line is not only special for its delicious summer scents, but also because beauty lovers will be able to shop the goodies in more than one place. If you're hip to the internet-based brand, then you know that this is a very big deal. Other than getting the deets on what the new fragrances smell like, the only thing left to know is exactly where you can purchase the goods.

KKW Fragrance is now introducing the Kimoji Cherry, Peach, and Vibes perfumes, mouth-watering scents that are so appropriate for the season of chilling poolside, road tripping it, and vibing at the beach. The new scents officially launch on July 17 at 12pm PST via the KKW Fragrance website, the exclusive destination for snagging the new line.

Of course, only being able to bag the scents virtually does a customer no good if you're hoping to try before you buy, a very crucial component of shopping for a new, go-to scent. However, Cali residents or visitors will have a leg up on all other shoppers.

If you happen to be in Los Angeles around July 14, brace yourself. You'll have early access to the new fragrances and the chance to see if they pass the smell test before committing to a purchase. That's because KKW's pop-up shop at the Westfield Century City mall will stock the Kimoji fruits.

With all this talk of buying the fruity goodness, you're probably wondering how the scents smell. Yummy is the appropriate word, here. The Kimoji Cherry, for example, features raspberry, strawberry, cherry blossom, gardenia petals, vanilla, woods and musk notes, along with a juicy red cherry hint.

Then there's Kimoji Vibes, an irresistible fragrance that combines notes of watermelon, bergamot, pineapple, apple blossom, peony petals, fresh jasmine, cedarwood, sunkissed amber and musk. It all sounds like a delicious recipe sent from the heavens.

Last, but certainly not the least, is the sensational Kimoji Peach fragrance. If you guessed that it includes notes of juicy peach, you'd be right. Plus there are hints of fresh nectarine, jasmine petals, peach blossom, creamy vanilla, sandalwood and musk to round out the summer-approved scent.

As for the price of each Kimoji fruit, the summer line will actually cost much less than the other staple KKW fragrances. The perfumes will go for $45 each, a reasonable price reduction considering you're getting 50mL of product compared to the standard 75mL.

If it wasn't obvious before, it's certainly apparent now that KKW has a flair for creating fragrances. If the successes of the Crystal Gardenia, Kimoji Hearts, and Body fragrances are any indication, the socialite turned beauty guru is more than just the highlight and contour queen. This summer launch just may solidify her place as a master of all things luxury perfumes.