Kim Kardashian Is Launching Two Fragrances To Honor One Of The Summer’s Biggest Trends

If you thought KKW Body was going to the the Kardashian-crafted perfume of the summer, then hold on to your wallet because Kim Kardashian has just announced another sweetly-scented and ultra sexy scent. The new KKW fruit Kimoji fragrances have made their social media debut, and these sweetly scented, Kimoji shaped perfumes are sure to be a hit with some of the reality television star's biggest fans.

While KKW Beauty has been steadily launching products like their new range of creme nude lipsticks, KKW Fragrance has been a bit quieter. Back in May, the brand launched the fragrance that nearly broke the internet with its bottle. The KKW Body fragrance was an internet splash thanks to Kardashian's decision to put her famous figure into a mold and make it the bottle. The sexy scent is now basically Kardashian's signature for her fragrance brand. However, the beauty mogul seems to be bringing back a popular idea from an older perfume.

The new KKW Kimoji perfumes are a mix of fruity meets florals meets vanilla fragrance with notes of everything from cherry (of course), pineapple, gardenia, and peach. Basically, if a flower, a fruit, and a vanilla bean had a baby, it would smell like Kardashian's latest scented ventures.

When will you be able to get your hands on the new KKW Fragrance? According to brand's Instagram account, the launch is right around the corner. If you're able to attend the KKW Fragrance pop-up shop, you'll be able to shop the new Kimoji-shaped creations on July 14. For those not so lucky as to shop KKW in person, all three of the new perfumes will be available exclusively at the KKW Fragrance website.

As for the price, that remains a mystery. However, these new scent have a common thread with a previous KKW Fragrance creations, and that's Kardashian's former Kimoji Hearts collection.

The Valentine's Day scents made waves online for their cute packaging and for Kardashian's PR list. In case you missed it, when the heart-shaped perfume launched earlier this year, Kardashian decided to send out PR packages not just to media outlets and friends but also to those who she'd had drama with in the past. Names like Taylor Swift and Pink popped up on the Post-It note crafted list in Kardashian's Snapchat story, and the basically, the internet lit up.

While it doesn't seem like the beauty mogul will be doing another round of frenemy PR mailers for this perfume, the Kimoji theme may just clear fans in on the price.

The original Kimoji fragrances were in 30 ml bottles and retailed for $30. If the new Vibez, Cherry, and Peach Kimojis are the same size, it would make sense (or scents, if you will), that the latest in the series would also retail for around $30.

As for how fans feel about the news that new Kimoji fragrances are coming? Kardashian only announced the scents a few hours ago, and Twitter reactions are already rolling in for the new fruity scents.

From peach to cherry, they're already gearing up to shop the new KKW Beauty collection.

It looks like Kardashian has another hit on her hands.

While the price hasn't been revealed yet, does it even matter? Kardashian's fans seem to be committed to shopping these new Kim-themed perfumes.

If you want to shop the new scents from Kardashian's fragrance brand, mark your calendar for July 17, or if you're lucky enough to be close to the pop-up, get your hands on these beauties early by heading to the store on July 14.