Where To Buy Kylie's Gray Sweat Suit Set

Another day another co-ord for Kylie Jenner. In the past few months, Kylie Jenner seems to have achieved the title as queen of the co-ord. In fact, she loves them so much that she sells sporty co-ords in her Kylie Shop. Now, Kylie's gray sweat suit set seems to be the outfit on everyone's mind, and she is spilling the details on where fans can snag her exact co-ord, and the best news? It's totally affordable.

Jenner's style has become yet another signature for the youngest member of the Kardashian and Jenner clan. Whether it's her oversized hoodies, her fitted jumpsuits, or her co-ords, she's definitely got a style that sets her apart from each of her famous sisters, and it's that style that has fans wandering about Jenner's latest Instagram worthy ensemble.

On Tuesday, Jenner took to her social media to post herself rocking a sweatshirt co-ord from Fashion Nova. The brand has actually been a favorite of Jenner's for a while, it seems. In fact, if you head to the Fashion Nova website, you'll find that she even has her own section on the website. As for her post, Jenner's rocking the Wanderlust set, and it can be yours thanks to Fashion Nova.

The set is part of the new loungewear for Fashion Nova, and Jenner rocks it well. While you may assume that Jenner's fashion taste would skew toward the more expensive — and it does — this ensemble is totally affordable.

Wanderlust Hoodie, $20, Fashion Nova

The crop is so Kylie Jenner.

Wanderlust Leggings, $20, Fashion Nova

The set couldn't be any more perfect for fans of Jenner. Not only does it channel her style perfectly, but she's actually worn it herself.

If you want to rock a co-ord like Kylie Jenner, head over the Fashion Nova and snag her perfect, affordably pair of grey sweats.