Lilly Pulitzer S'well Bottles Are A Thing & OMG, Swoon

Lilly Pulitzer x S'well

There is something about Lilly Pulitzer that makes fans stampede, and that's not just over her resort wear or beach dresses. Anything she makes turns to gold. Which is why you need to mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming Lilly Pulitzer x S’Well collaboration, because those water bottles won't be in stock for long.

On Monday, June 18, the two labels are collaborating for a third time together, and launching five new summer-ready bottles and prints. If you want to nab a bottle for your own collection, you'll need to wake up early an get into line. The bottles will be released at 8 AM and will retail from $42 for the 17oz size and $54 for the 25oz option.

The five bottles will be sold both at Lilly Pulitzer storefronts and online, as well as at select Nordstrom stores and on Then a sixth additional exclusive bottle will be sold on

The six different prints and bottle names are Catch the Wave, Race to the Wave, Shell We Dance, In The Groves, Jet Stream, and Up With The Sun and they're in the traditional S'Well bottle silhouette, while rocking a Lilly Pulitzer, Florida-girl inspired bright print.

Lilly Pulitzer x S'well

S’well was originally launched with the intention of wiping out the need to buy plastic water bottles. The founder, Sarah Kauss, believed that if she made a bottle that mixed fashion with function, people would be more than happy to carry around their own bottles. Made from stainless steel and triple-walled for maximum insulation, these stylish bottles stays cold for 24 hours and stay warm for 12, and come in a series of beautiful different motifs, from white marble to bikini pink. Seeing how fashion is a major part of its concept, it's no surprise the company has partnered with Lilly Pulitzer for the third time.

Lilly Pulitzer x S'well

Lilly Pulitzer has been around since the 1960s, and was born from a Palm Beach aesthetic. Back in the late '50s everyone wore red, navy, and white when they went down south for a sandy getaway, but Pulitzer was different. She owned an orange grove she made juice from, and needed bright patterns to cover up her spills and stains. That's how we got these acidic, cheerful prints that still inspire people to storm the stores when the brand makes a collab.

And storm they do. The first collection between Lilly Pulitzer x S'Well was in partnership with Starbucks, and they released a beach themed set right in the middle of February, chasing the seasonal blues away. The bottles almost sold out instantly. "Wrapping Lilly Pulitzer prints on our bottles instantly transported us to summer days and had us itching to head to the beach with a bottle full of Starbucks Cold Brew. S’well is thrilled to have created the perfect accessory for warm, sunny days or for daydreaming about them in the middle of winter," Kauss shared in a press release.

Lilly Pulitzer x S'well

Later that year, the two brands teamed up again to release a holiday collection using the same concept of happy prints, and the collaboration sold out within 15 minutes on Lilly Pulitzer's website, and within an hour in stores. The bottles didn't sport Santas or snowmen, but rather lizards, palm fronds, and sail boats, making you think of a holiday getaway to the beach. Not your usual holiday collection, but people clearly loved it.

Since these collaborations seem to have a history of selling out in a blink of an eye, you're going to want to move fast if you want one of these tropical bottles for yourself. Make sure you're on your phone the moment the clock strikes eight, and one of these beauties will be yours.