This Ru Paul Legend's New Makeup Line With Sleek Will Have You Slaying Like A Queen

Sleek MakeUP

I need very little encouragement to go out and buy new makeup. It's 100 percent guaranteed that if I nip to the shops for toiletry necessities, I'm coming back with a highlighter or a liquid eyeliner. We all have our weaknesses. But nothing is quite as exciting as a makeup collaboration and, if you’re a makeup addict, prepare yourself. Fearless makeup artist and drag queen Miss Fame has teamed up with Sleek MakeUP to bring out a killer range and here is where to buy the Sleek Miss Fame Collection in the UK. The five-piece collection is super colourful and bold, although what else would you expect from Miss Fame? It's a must for anyone who is obsessed with makeup.

Miss Fame literally makes makeup look like an art. She's a pro. And if unapologetically bold looks are your thing, this collection was made for you. While the launch of the Miss Fame x Sleek collection was a resounding success in the U.S., you can also get your hands on it here in the UK. The five-piece kit is available on at the amazing price of just £20. I am shook by how completely affordable it is.

Sleek MakeUP

While some may know Miss Fame best from her appearance on series seven of RuPaul's Drag Race or her music career, she was already a massive name in the beauty world. Training under makeup legend Pat McGrath, Miss Fame (AKA Kurtis Dam-Mikkelsen) has collaborated with high-end brands such as Prada and Versace. Making a global name for herself in the modelling world, Miss Fame became a spokesmodel for L’Oréal Paris in 2016 and has since shot two global beauty campaigns. She is literally doing the most.

Sleek MakeUP

In a statement sent to Bustle, Miss Fame speaks about her collaboration with Sleek MakeUP, saying: “As a brand with diversity rooted at its core, Sleek MakeUP is made for all makeup lovers out there. When creating the collection, my goal was to select some of their most-loved products that can be used to create a striking look that is accessible for everyone.” She continued:

“Having worked with Sleek MakeUP to launch them Stateside with The GlowDown — a digital series challenging drag queens and beauty gurus to makeup trends — I am very excited to be collaborating with them again.”
Sleek MakeUP

So, what exactly can you expect from a collection from the glammest queen in the game? The Sleek x Mis Fame Collection includes a turquoise i-Art Liquid Eye Colour in NeoPop, an Intense Waterliner in Zodiac Black, a Distorted Dreams Highlighting Palette, and two Lip Shots in Dressed to Kill (bright pink) and Do What I Want (deep purple). For those of you who are in need of a new night-out look or if you are confident enough to pull off a full glam look day to day, this collection has everything you will need.

In a statement sent to Bustle, Rosie Harris, the senior global marketing manager at Walgreens Boots Alliance, said:

“We are beyond excited to be partnering with Miss Fame on our first-ever global collaboration. We love and admire when makeup is used as a form of bold self-expression ... Celebrating diverse individuals is at the heart of everything we do and we are continually inspired by the artistry that we see from Sleek fans worldwide — including Miss Fame.”

I can’t wait to try out the pieces Miss Fame has selected. Mastering her craft, taking over the modelling world, and serving us some serious looks. Is there anything this queen can’t do?

You can buy the Sleek x Miss Fame Collection on