Where To Buy The Swurfer From 'Toy Box,' Because This Swing/Skateboard Hybrid Isn't Just For Kids

Jeff Neira/ABC

Hosted by Modern Family's Eric Stonestreet and judged by a fierce panel of kids, The Toy Box premieres April 7 and is already shaping up to be quite the exciting reality show. It'll feature up-and-coming toymakers going head-to-head for a shot at mainstream distribution, and the crop of competitors is fierce. One of said competitors for the show's first episode is a product with a name that sounds like a Dr. Seuss character. So what is it, and where can you buy The Swurfer for yourself?

Well, as its name would suggest, the Swurfer is something of a swing/surf hybrid. Upon first inspection, it closely resembles a skateboard deck fashioned into a kind of rope swing, with added handles on the rigging which make it possible for the user to stand up. (You can also sit if you choose.) The product website says the Swurfer is designed to "surf the air" while swinging in all directions, as opposed to just backwards and forwards. The added range of motion and the ability to stand make it a different experience from your standard park swing. The Swurfer combines the simplicity of swinging with the fun factor of various board sports, including surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and even wakeboarding.

Swurfer, $129.99, swurfer.com

The boards themselves are of high-quality. They're handcrafted out of Hard Rock Maple and made in the USA. If you're interested, they actually are available for sale now. You can buy them through the Swurfer website for $129.99, as well as at select retailers across the country. If you're interested, the brand also offers add-on items like extra handles, extra rope sets (if you have a particularly big tree from which to hang them), a trapeze swing, and some cute branded apparel.

The Swurfer has quite the interesting story behind it. The toy was originally designed with fun-loving adults in mind, but after gaining popularity in the independent toy store circuit, it's now something both kids and adults can enjoy. Pushing the product took quite the leap of faith too. MSNBC reported that inventor Rob Bertschy sold his house, packed his family into a bus with the Swurfer in hand, and set off on an ambitious cross country journey, where they shopped the Swurfer to over a hundred independent toy stores.

Swurfer, $129.99, swurfer.com

It turned out to be a successful trip for the Bertschy family. And they might get even luckier if the Swurfer impresses the panel on The Toy Box.