Where To Stream 'Fosse/Verdon' & Michelle Williams' Award Winning Performance

Actors Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams star in 'Fosse/Verdon' on FX.

Now that Michelle Williams has sashayed away with both the Emmy and Golden Globe for her portrayal of famed Broadway dancer Gwen Verdon, a SAG award may just be in her future, too. Those wondering where to stream Fosse/Verdon ahead of the Jan. 19 awards show are in luck. The FX biographical limited series, which centers on the romantic and creative partnership between Verdon and choreographer/film director Bob Fosse (Sam Rockwell) may have first aired in April and May 2019, but there are a few options to get caught up. You may have to shell out a few dollars though.

First thing's first: No, Fosse/Verdon is not on Netflix (as of yet, anyway). And while the FXNOW app does allow cable users to stream their series, only clips of the award-winning show are currently available. However, all eight episodes are currently on Hulu and available for subscribers to stream. Not a Hulu subscriber? If you're a pro at marathoning series in record time, the streaming service Hulu plans currently start at $5.99/month, with the first month included for free.

If you want to own the series for posterity, however, Fosse/Verdon is also on Amazon Prime Video. Users can purchase individual episodes ($2.99 for HD, $1.99 for SD), or the entire miniseries for $4.99, which seems like a no-brainer. YouTube also has all the episodes available, and they can be bought starting at $1.99 each. Additionally, fans have the option to buy the whole series for $14.99 for the standard definition viewing experience, or $19.99 for HD.

Regardless of where or how you choose to view Fosse/Verdon, you'll undoubtedly see why Williams is racking up awards for her performance, which she spent 8 months perfecting. "I wasn't fully aware of [Verdon's] legacy and the extent of her invisible handprint on [Fosse's] career until this," the actor explained to the Los Angeles Times in August 2019. "Gwen shouldered the load professionally and in their life together too. She had to sacrifice a lot to get what she deserved."

The couple collaborated on Broadway hits like Damn Yankees and Chicago, as well as the Oscar-winning film version of Cabaret. For his part, Rockwell, who also received Emmy, Golden Globe, and SAG nods for his role, believes both of their characters were flawed. "They were two broken people who needed that buzz, that showbiz fix,” the actor added to the Times. "I relate to that... You gotta bleed a little bit. What's the point if you don’t leave a little blood on the stage?"

If you don't know what he's talking about, streaming the Fosse/Verdon miniseries may just teach you a thing or two.