Which '00s Teen TV Character Are You?

by Taylor Ferber
Warner Bros. Television

The early 2000's was quite a time to be alive. There was more inspiration for how to live one's best teen life than people knew what to do with. I personally liked to live my high school days thinking I was in an episode of Laguna Beach. That show encompassed my adolescent goals. But for fans like me who weren't chic enough to actually drive high-end cars and go to dope hotel parties in a boughie seaside town, there were fictional shows to really live vicariously through. And somehow, these shows seemed so realistic. The truth is, throughout all of the moodiness and melodramatic portrayals of teen life on television, there were a handful of characters that were totally relatable at the time. But which iconic '00s TV character are you?

Many TV shows of the '00s were sadly ruthless about playing up teen stereotypes within high school social hierarchy. There was a fair share of the popular hot chicks everyone wanted to be, the smart sidekick, the nerd, and the brain who was low-key cooler than anyone thought, to name a few. As a 20something, though, I realize all of these roles are iconic in their own right and there's no shame in identifying with one over another. So which one(s) are you?

The Ruthless Queen Bee

The CW

You're Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Blair always looked fab and definitely never let her sweet face undermine her cutthroat capabilities. When it came to friends and romance, she was straight savage, and even rivaled her BFF Serena when need be.

The Sensitive Queen Bee

The WB

You're Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill. Brooke ran Tree Hill High and because of her unwavering confidence, everyone fell in line. Although Brooke was more certain of who she was than any high schooler I know, she also had a huge heart, always helped her friends in need, and wasn't afraid to show her vulnerable side.

The Tell-It-Like-It-Is Sidekick


You're Miranda Sanchez from Lizzie McGuire. Maybe the attention wasn't always on Miranda, but she couldn't care less. She was unapologetic about giving her two cents, always spiced things up, and said what others were thinking. She had her insecurities too, but that's just part of growing up. In short, she rocked.

The One With the Double Life

The WB

You're Buffy Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy was the outgoing, likable cool girl who was also the tough chick warding off evil forces with her powers when she wasn't at school. If you were lucky enough to have friends like Buffy's, they'd be in on both of your worlds and even help you out.

The Comedic Relief


You're Raven Baxter from That's So Raven. Raven had a huge heart, brought friends together, and always provided for laughs because she simply didn't care about doing the craziest, most ridiculous things. Everyone loved having her around and her psychic capability was just a bonus.

The Cool Outcast


You're Veronica Mars from Veronica Mars. Veronica maybe wasn't the most popular, but she didn't need validation because she was pretty damn cool. She started off as a wallflower at school while she was working with her dad, a private investigator, on the side. What a boss.

The Aspiring Performer


You're Taina Morales from Taina. Taina attended a performing arts school and didn't have the most typical high school experience, but she didn't care because she always had a dream. She was laser-focused on becoming a huge star, and of course, her journey didn't go without typical trials teenagers face.

The Brain Who Scored the Hotties

The CW

You're Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. Rory really didn't care what people thought of her, and it was amazing. She was super smart and embraced her intelligence and quick wit. All the cute guys eventually came knocking, as they should've. Of course she dealt with usual adolescent issues, but she never lost sight of who she was and was tight with grownups (further proving how smart she was) along the way.

The *Tortured* Popular Girl


This is a tossup. You're a hybrid of Peyton from One Tree Hill and Marissa from The O.C. Everyone loved them, because they were the cool, hot chicks in school, they just couldn't deal with the pressure. They had their own bag of issues to deal with and didn't live lives as glamorous as the typical Queen Bees.

The One With the Boyfriend

The CW

You're Haley from One Tree Hill. And if you were married in high school, you're actually Haley from One Tree Hill. Always being tied to a significant other caused tension between Haley and her friends and family at times, but she and Nathan were ride or die. Eventually, everyone around her accepted it and just embraced her for being a boring, married chick. She had her spurts of fun (like going on tour and kissing a hot musician) too.

The Likable Yet Misunderstood One

The CW

You're Serena from Gossip Girl. People assumed she was just the popular girl, but she had a lot more going on beneath the surface and in her personal life. She tried to do her thing, but somehow always got caught up in the drama. Comes with the territory of being in the school's most envied social circle, I suppose.

The Go-Getting Misfit


You're Betty from Ugly Betty. Maybe her clothes were questionable and she essentially defined the word "outcast," but her ambition and brains stopped at nothing. She ended up working for her dream magazine and was always authentically her, which not many teens, fictional or real, could say.

There's no shame in having a little '00s TV teen in you. Those were the days, and in my opinion, ones still worth channeling today.