Hannah G.'s Parents Are Regulars On 'The Bachelor' Contestant's Instagram


During all the drama between the women during Week 7 of The Bachelor, one contestant managed to stay out of the fray — Hannah G. Colton gave her a rose during the group date where Cassie and Kirpa were arguing and now he will meet Hannah G.'s parents on The Bachelor. Even though Hannah G. has a big online presence as a "content creator" on Instagram, her parents aren't featured in any of her recent glamorous posts. But she talked about her parents' divorce to Colton during their one-on-one date in Week 6. And despite having sad memories about that time in her life, it appears like she has a good relationship with both her mom and dad if you look back at her older Instagram posts.

During her first one-on-one date with Colton in Vietnam, Hannah revealed at dinner that her parents are divorced and how that has made her less willing to open up in relationships. "Opening up is not my thing, it's not usually my jam. It's something that I have trained myself not to because I want to put on a brave face," she told Colton. "There's a lot of things that I've closed off in my life because I wanted to be strong for other people — like my parents' divorce."


Hannah then told Colton how she blocked out the memory of her parents telling her they were getting a divorce and shared a story that's always stuck with her. "My dad loves his yard, cuts it like three times a week. And I just remember the moment of my mom driving through the yard to pack up all of her stuff and I remember seeing his face. It tore me up because that's when I realized we weren't a family anymore."

Even though her parents have a fractured relationship, Colton will presumably be meeting both Hannah's mom and dad when he goes to her hometown in Alabama during Week 8. And thankfully, it seems from her Instagram posts that she has made plenty of happy memories with her parents since their divorce. Back in 2012, she did a Mother's Day post for her mom and wrote, "Happy mothers day to the best mom ever!"

Later in 2012, when the 23-year-old Hannah was only a teenager, she and her mom moved into a new home.

Since then, she has shared more nice moments with her mom, like when Hannah called her mom "my wedding date 20 years strong." Her mom also has an Instagram, but it's private and only contains 10 posts, so these past posts are really the only glimpse into their mother-daughter relationship that's available publicly.

Hannah also used to post about her dad pretty frequently. For Father's Day 2013, she called her dad the "coolest guy you'll ever meet."

Hannah has also referred to her dad as her "BFF" and wrote how "he's the best" and how they have been "buddies since day one!" Another particularly sweet post was when she wrote, "Thankful for him because he teaches me everything I know."

Nowadays, Hannah's profile is a little too curated to share candid pictures of her hanging with her parents. But she explained in an Instagram Story from last year that her Instagram profile isn't really representative of her actual life. "The way I am on Instagram is literally how I only am like 5 percent of the time — 95 percent of the time I'm being goofy and hang out with my friends," she said. "My friends and my family, they all like me for my personality traits."

While Hannah's parents are no longer married and there's not too much about them available on the internet, it's clear from her past posts that there's still a lot of love in this family. So Colton should feel right as home when he gets to meet Hannah's parents on The Bachelor.